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Fab City Summit: The Latest Architecture and News

How The Digital Revolution Will Make Cities Produce Everything They Consume… Again

This summer, July 11-13, the annual Fab City Summit will take place in Paris at the Paris City Hall and Parc de La Villette. The yearly event will gather the core team behind the Fab City Global Initiative together with city officials, innovation ecosystems from civic society and industry. Get your tickets with 30% discount using code FABDAILY30.

The rapid urbanization of the 20th century was possible thanks to the Industrial Revolution and the assembly line, which allowed the rapid reproduction and replication of infrastructure, products and repetitive urban patterns in cities around the world. Urban morphology and dynamics produce standard patterns and forms of living. At the same time, and following the linear economy, cities consume most of the world’s resources and generate most of world’s waste (according to the United Nations). However, the exponential growth of digital technologies (computation, communication, fabrication) of the last decades offer the opportunity to enable a transition towards a spiral economy (an open circular economy approach), in which data (and knowledge) flow globally, and materials flow locally: from networks of logistics that move atoms, to networks of information that move bits.

Explore the Future of Productive Cities at the 2018 Fab City Summit in Paris

The Fab City Global Initiative in collaboration with the City Hall of Paris and the Fab City Grand Paris Association are organizing this year’s Fab City Global Initiative in Paris, France from July 11-13. The three-day program will take place at the Parc de la Villette, and bring together 18 Fab City Members and international city leaders to discuss and imagine ways to define the future of productive cities. This global collaboration project combines innovation ecosystems, governments, and industries that enable cities to become more sustainable through 2054.