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House Luum / Pedro Domingos

Cortesia de Pedro DomingosCortesia de Pedro Domingos© Fernando Guerra | FG+SGCortesia de Pedro Domingos+ 36

Santa Bárbara de Nexe, Portugal
  • Architects: Pedro Domingos
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area:  250
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year:  2018
  • Manufacturers Brands with products used in this architecture project
    Manufacturers: BRUMA, Barreirinhas, Dae, Sigmetum

The Tallest Timber Tower in Australia Opens in Brisbane

Australia’s largest engineered timber commercial building has opened in Brisbane, designed by Bates Smart. At 10 stories, and 45 meters in height, the “25 King” open plan office complex is the tallest timber structure in Australia, and “establishes new frontiers in the design of commercial buildings.

The scheme’s aesthetic is centered on the goal of “bringing a clear expression of its exposed timber structure to the building’s transparent envelope and promoting a warmer, more natural workplace environment of the future.”

© Tom Roe© Tom Roe© Tom Roe© Tom Roe+ 13

Tieno Designs an Eco-Friendly City Block Constructed From Timber

The “Bosco” design schematic utilizes timber construction and ecological design practices to create a multi-sided residential city block. Not only are the private domestic spaces important, but the definition of ‘living space’ is expanded to include private outdoor and shared spaces.

In this way, the wood exterior becomes an extension of the interior. The use of timber, throughout, and the simple language of Bosco’s underlying geometric forms create a well-articulated and homogeneous ensemble of housing components.

Courtesy of TienoCourtesy of TienoCourtesy of TienoCourtesy of Tieno+ 17