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DETAIL Prize 2018

18:00 - 4 April, 2018
DETAIL Prize 2018, DETAIL Prize 2018
DETAIL Prize 2018

DETAIL is awarding the international DETAIL Prize 2018, and in doing so once again recognising the importance of innovative details for the overall design concept. In keeping with the journal's self-conception, architecture is thereby defined in its entirety: The architecture prize honours innovative building construction projects, outstanding interior design and construction-related highlights.

DETAIL Prize 2016 Winners Announced

14:30 - 2 September, 2016
DETAIL Prize 2016 Winners Announced

DETAIL Magazine has announced the winners of the DETAIL Prize 2016. This year, the jury selected five projects from a pool of 337 projects from 42 different countries by looking for “realizations in which the overall design concept and the detailing were brought together in a coherent way.” The winners were noted for being “future-oriented, innovative and pioneering projects from different disciplines that have outstanding architectural and technical qualities.”

This is the seventh edition of the biennial award, which aims to “strengthen architecture in public debate, strengthen the role of architects in public, and strengthen networking among architects, industrialists, developers and politicians.”

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