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2019 Young Architect Conference

Have you heard of architect Michael Riscica? Radical blogger, podcast host, and educator, Riscica empowers architects-in-the-making. You may have met him on one of his speaking tours where he visited over 50 cities to speak on topics like entrepreneurship and the architect exam. We even featured him as an ARE prep expert here at ArchDaily. Now, Riscica onto his latest groundbreaking venture: The Young Architect Conference.

Singapore Archifest 2016

Singapore Archifest 2016 returns with a Pavilion designed with ‘Exhale’ as its theme at Raffles Place Park. Celebrating its 10th edition, Archifest’s theme for this year ‘Exhale’ seeks to challenge the rapidity and density of activities that define our pace of life, weigh in on the state of Singapore’s built environment and breathe new life into it.

AD Classics: The Kyoto International Conference Center / Sachio Otani

The International conference center in Kyoto is a geometric megastructure of exposed, reinforced concrete designed by Japanese architect Sachio Otani in 1963. Although relatively unknown, the Center is a unique, Modern masterpiece that re-interprets traditional Japanese architecture and asserts itself powerfully into its peaceful, natural surroundings.

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The main conference hall, via Photo by satti07 via Used under <a href=''>Creative Commons</a> Photo by Gili Merin Photo by Gili Merin + 11

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