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Cetra Ruddy: The Latest Architecture and News

Reconsidering School Design: Indoor and Outdoor Learning as a Solution for a Healthy Future

Architects are mobilizing their efforts, to help schools around the world reconsider their design in order to guarantee sustainability, emotional wellness, and physical health. CetraRuddy, Cooper Robertson, and WXY are amongst those proposing an increase in outdoor programming and a rearrangement of classrooms, for post-pandemic school design.

The architectural scene has been witnessing lately a growing focus on indoor/outdoor functions. Discover 3 different interventions from 3 different practices, tackling one common issue, and focusing on outdoor space as a major programming element.

Back to School Facilities Tool Kit. Image © LAB Tool KitEdible Academy at the New York Botanical Garden — The Bronx, New York . Image Courtesy of Cooper RobertsonLyford Cay international Baccalaureate School - Nassau, Bahamas . Image Courtesy of Cooper RobertsonThe Choice School - Calicut, India. Image Courtesy of CetraRuddy+ 7

Art Deco Inspired 45 Broad Street by CetraRuddy to Become Tallest Residential Tower in Lower Manhattan

Harkening back to the Art Deco structures of New York’s Financial District, CetraRuddy’s 45 Broad Street is set to rise in Lower Manhattan. After a groundbreaking ceremony in April, construction on the project has now begun. Once complete, the tower will top out at a peak of 1,115 feet (340 meters), making it the second tallest building in lower Manhattan (behind only One World Trade Center) and the tallest residential building south of the so-called “Billionaire’s Row” in Midtown.

Ultra-Luxury Tower in Toronto to be CetraRuddy's First Canadian Project

Since the site was acquired in 2016, New York-based architects CetraRuddy, known for the iconic Manhattan tower One Madison, have been working on what is likely to be an icon of its own, 64 Prince Arthur. The point where The Annex and Yorkville neighborhoods meet in Toronto marks Adi Development Group and Forgestone Capital’s newest project, as well as Adi's first in Toronto. The initial renderings of the project show the commitment by the development team and CetraRuddy to making a statement on the skyline, “an iconic legacy project."

Courtesy of CetraRuddyCourtesy of CetraRuddyCourtesy of CetraRuddyCourtesy of CetraRuddy+ 6

CetraRuddy Designs Tallest Building in New York's Meatpacking District

CetraRuddy has been selected to design a new 18-story office building in Manhattan’s trendy Meatpacking District. With plans filed before zoning ordinances in the area changed the height limit to 130 feet, the project will feature an extra 140 feet, with a total height of 270 feet.

Located on West 15th Street near Ninth Avenue, the office building—which was previously designed as a hotel—will connect to a landmark district building on West 14th Street, which will be renovated as a part of the project. Together, the two buildings will feature 250,000 square feet of office space with a landscaped rooftop and an additional five terraces for communal work and relaxation areas.

Courtesy of CetraRuddyCourtesy of CetraRuddyCourtesy of CetraRuddyCourtesy of CetraRuddy+ 8