Budapest Underground Line M4 - Kálvin tér Station / PALATIUM Studio

From the architects: Underground line M4 in Budapest has been the largest infrastructure project of the city for the last decades. Keeping in mind that the quality of public transport areas are an essential part of the general environment of city life, the client chose architects and collected ideas for the project through a national competition in 2004.

Mulini Beach / Studio 3LHD

Mulini Beach is located in an attractive area of Rovinj, on the exit from the central part of the city and in the continuation of the promenade, in front of hotels Monte Mulini, Lone and Eden, wrapped in a rich green public park and green forest protective areas. It is an extension of the city’s public area and the promenade whose primary function is to connect the city of Rovinj and park Punta Corrente.

CEMEX Announces International Finalists for XXIII Building Awards

CEMEX has unveiled the international finalists for the XXIII Building Awards, which aim to recognize the best architecture and construction internationally. Spanning across three categories, the awards recognize housing, institutional/industrial and large-scale infrastructure projects that were built during 2013 and stand out for their constructive solutions, aesthetics and innovative techniques.

CEMEX Unveils National Finalists for the XXIII Building Awards

The CEMEX Building Awards recognize the best architecture and construction in Mexico, ranging from single-family homes to large-scale infrastructure projects. For the XXIII awards CEMEX will recognize projects that were built during 2013 that stand out for their constructive solutions, aesthetics and innovative techniques.

Tres Picos 97 / D+S Arquitectos

The development is located on a rectangular plot of 450 m2, with a 21 mt frontage.

Casa BC / 3ARCH

The house as a den. A place of isolation for reflection and rest, detached from the urban context and intertwined with the natural environment.

CR House / H+H Arquitectos

Located in the exclusive neighborhood of Santa Ana Oriental in the north of Bogota, this 711m2 home was designed to fit the client. Its architecture in exposed concrete seeks to purify its elements and its volume responds to the siting according to the orientation of its boundaries, forming two volumes articulated by the access area transparent to the rear garden. We have designed the social area with a greater height and a vault that integrates in a single space the living and dining room, all related and connected to the main garden. The construction was completed in August 2013.

Click Clack Hotel / Plan B Arquitectos

01. Restrictions:

Arena da Amazônia / gmp Architects

This stadium design was based on the idea of creating a simple but highly efficient stadium which also makes reference to the special location, to the fascination and natural diversity of forms in the tropical rainforest. Designed for 44,400 spectators, the stadium is located at the central traffic axis that links the airport with the inner city. The new building was integrated into a sports park with Sambadrome, field and track facilities, multi-purpose halls and an aquatic center. The project was developed in cooperation with the gmp partner practice STADIA from São Paulo and the structural engineers schlaich bergermann und partner.

Santa María de los Caballeros Chapel / MGP Arquitectura y Urbanismo

A Catholic temple is essentially a place to achieve communication between the Divine and the Human. The chapel for the Gimnasio Campestre and its surrounding community, is a building that spatially expresses this contact that results from producing a levitating deck, the divine, on an undermined space, the human, so that the temple is just the compressed space in tension between the two parts. When occupied the user comprehends the earthly and the spiritual condition of humans and the space acquires its sacred character without superficial gadgets. The temple is then generated by the contact between the two parts, and its physical understanding is an act of faith.

Xafix House / Arkylab

El sitio es un terreno regular de 12x25m en una zona alta al nor-poniente de la ciudad de Aguascalientes, con un frente oriente y con las características propias de esta región geográfica con un clima templado regular semi-seco y unos atardeceres privilegiados hacia el Cerro del Muerto.


Akin to the process of building a ship in a bottle, the construction of Casa Murray was conditioned to the amount of space in which it is placed. Projected and built by Diseño Espacial, the house is enclosed by irregular constructions, remains of imprecise divisions of lots that gave place to a narrow corridor, an easement that functions as the only access to the house. It is a construction without facade, without parking space, without a gas installation, solar collectors or a single spot where the street can be observed. 

In Progress: The Biomuseo / Frank Gehry

The Puente de Vida Museum, more commonly referred to as The Biomuseo, will be Frank Gehry's first design in all of Latin America. It is located in Panama in the area called Amador, which sits only a few blocks from the country's principal cruise port and is adjacent to Panama City. The mission of the Biomuseo is to "offer an impressing and educational experience about the biodiversity and emergence of the isthmus in Panama in order to motivate all Panamanians to get to know and to value this natural component of their identity, as well as to generate in all its visitors the need to protect the environment" (Biomuseo Website). The Biomuseo intends to explore the importance of Panama's biological systems and its emergence as a geological link between North and South America, both of which have had global impacts many are unaware of.