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Trend Watch 2019: 3-Dimensional Walls, Ceilings, and Surfaces

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Linear patterns in interior spaces are prevalent throughout northern and western Europe. Not only to create texture but also to define space and direct the eye. Here in New York, 3-dimensional walls, ceilings, and surfaces are being utilized more and more to add contrasting form and scale to interior spaces. Moreover, the current obsession with anything mid-century modern has led to a resurgence of linear and slatted pattern-making in many forms.

© Plyboo © Plyboo © Plyboo © Plyboo + 15

C、Z Carving Art Studio / Yin Peiru Architecture Studio

Overview of the building. Image © Peiru Yin
Overview of the building. Image © Peiru Yin

Looking eastward in atrium. Image © Peiru Yin Concrete doorframe and tubular corridor in courtyard. Image © Peiru Yin Atrium. Image © Peiru Yin Exihibition hall of first floor. Image © Peiru Yin + 25

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