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Architecture in Black: A Selection of The Best Dark Interiors

The use of light and shadow in architecture can have several nuances. The traditional Japanese culture stands out for working with spaces of dim light, kind of dull. On the other hand, modern architecture and minimalism work along with illuminating spaces through the use of white spaces and reflection of light as a recurring resource.

Even so, black, dark spaces and minimalism also converse in the same language that provides new possibilities for lighting design and use of new materials. We now present you a selection of the best contemporary interior spaces that use black as the protagonist element, generating introspective but dramatic environments at the same time.

Black Concrete: How Attilio Panzeri Creates Contrast with a Specialized Recipe

What makes the color black so enticing for architects? Projects made in black concrete are both striking and complex in their design and are gaining widespread appeal in contemporary projects, both public and private. What we don’t know is just how hard it is to create black concrete in the first place. We spoke with Attilio Panzeri & Partners who have mastered the craft - and here’s what we learned:

Concrete Pigmentation. Image © Attilio Panzeri & Partners Pedestals for exhibition. Image © Attilio Panzeri & Partners Casa Via Castel. Image © Giorgio Marafioti Villa Comano Interior. Image © Alessandro Crinari               + 40