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Biennial: The Latest Architecture and News

The Third Chicago Architecture Biennial Announces its 2019 Program

The Chicago Architecture Biennial has released its cultural agenda for this year’s edition of the international exhibition. Held in the Chicago Cultural Center and all over the city, from the 19th of September 2019 till the 5th of January 2020, this edition under the theme of: ... And Other Such Stories, is going to be curated by the artistic director Yesomi Umolu, the executive director Todd Palmer and co-curated by Sepake Angiama and Paulo Tavares.

Mariana Pestana Curates the 5th Istanbul Design Biennial

The 5th Istanbul Design Biennial has unveiled it’s 2020 edition’s curator, with the election of Mariana Pestana, architect and curator to fill this position. The biennial, organized by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV), will take place from the 26th of September till the 8th of November 2020.

Chicago Architecture Biennial Announces 2019 Early Highlight Contributors

The third Chicago Architecture Biennial will occur from September 19, 2019, to January 5, 2020, and yesterday the first group of contributors to the 2019 edition and publication was announced. This year’s theme, “...and other such stories,” will bring together a multi-faceted and international exploration of architecture and the built environment. Newly commissioned projects for the Biennial will highlight issues including public housing, social justice, and the appropriation and preservation of the natural environment.

Chicago Architecture Biennial Curators Announce 2019 Theme

The curatorial team of the Chicago Architecture Biennial has announced the theme of the third edition of the event, to be titled "...and other such stories". The intentionally-broad theme proposes an investigation of architecture / the built environment not just as a form, but as a culmination of the conditions that shape it. ...and other such stories is a collaborative effort between Artistic Director Yesomi Umolu and co-curators Sepake Angiama (a curator focused on education) and Paulo Tavares (a Brazilian architect and academic).

Sepake Angiama, photographed by Zachary Johnston. Image Courtesy of Chicago Architecture BiennialPaulo Tavares, photographed by Gabriel Ribeiro. Image Courtesy of Chicago Architecture BiennialYesomi Umolu, photographed by Zachary Johnston. Image Courtesy of Chicago Architecture BiennialMonadnock's 'Make Big Plans' installation at the Chicago Architecture Biennial, a reference to a quote by Chicago architect Daniel Burnham: "Make no Little Plans". Photo by Tom Harris. Image Courtesy of Chicago Architecture Biennial+ 7

Claudia Pasquero Announced as Head Curator of the 2017 Tallinn Architecture Biennale, Which Will Examine the Anthropocene

The Tallinn Architecture Biennale have announced Claudia Pasquero, Director of ecoLogicStudio, as the Head Curator of the 2017 edition, "bioTallinn". According to the organizers, a programme of exhibitions and symposia will "engage various architectural offices, artists, and scientists on the topic of biotechnology in architecture," examining in particular "the relationship between nature and the city in the Anthropocene age."

Anthropocene Island. Sludge of waste material of the Wastewater Treatment Plant, 2017. Image Courtesy of ecoLogicStudioAnthropocene Island. Waste material of the Wastewater Treatment Plant, 2017. Image Courtesy of ecoLogicStudioAnthropocene Island. Ornitological Park and Wastewater Treatment Plant, 2017. Image Courtesy of ecoLogicStudioAnthropocene Island. Air, clusters of inhabitable bioreactor cells (1x1km @0.5m/res), 2017. Image Courtesy of ecoLogicStudio+ 13

Images Released of Forward Slash ( / ) ARCHITEKTUR's Performa 15 Hub in NYC

Images have been released of Forward Slash ( / ) ARCHITEKTUR’s Performa 15 Hub, which served as the headquarters for New York-based Performa’s 2015 Biennial, an event dedicated to live performances across artistic disciplines. The Hub offered a venue for performances, screenings, panel discussions and seminars; and a lounge, shop and visitor information centre. View more images of the venue after the break.

Courtesy of PerformaCourtesy of PerformaCourtesy of PerformaCourtesy of Performa+ 11

Forward Slash ( / ) ARCHITEKTUR Selected to Design Performa 15 Hub in NYC

Performa has selected the office of Christoph A. Kumpusch, Forward Slash ( / ) ARCHITEKTUR, as the winner of the competition to design the Performa 15 Hub. Held in New York City, Performa is a Biennale dedicated to live performance across artistic disciplines. This year’s Biennial, Performa 15, will take place November 1 -22, and the Performa Hub serves as the biennial's headquarters, offering a venue for special performances, screenings, panel discussions, artists’ seminars, a lounge, a shop and a visitor information center. Read more about the winning entry and Performa after the break.

Critics Take On "The State of the Art of Architecture" in Chicago

An image from Iwan Baan's Chicago photo essay. Image © Iwan Baan
An image from Iwan Baan's Chicago photo essay. Image © Iwan Baan

Last week, the Chicago Architecture Biennial opened to over 31,000 visitors and much fanfare, and for good reason - it is the largest architecture event on the continent since the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition, featuring over one hundred exhibitors from over thirty countries. With a theme as ambiguous as "The State of the Art of Architecture," and with the hope of making the biennial, according to directors Joseph Grima and Sarah Herda, "a space for debate, dialog and the production of new ideas," the event was sure to generate equally wide-ranging opinions. Read on to find out what the critics had to say about the Biennial.