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  2. Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura de Buenos Aires 2022

Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura de Buenos Aires 2022: The Latest Architecture and News

Francisco Cadau: “The Construction Itself Creates Ideas”

Francisco Cadau received the highest award at the recent Buenos Aires 2022 International Architecture Biennial. A recognition of his genuine trajectory that, from technique and materiality, consistently manages to position his favorite location on the map: The city of Campana on the edge of the Parana River in Argentina. His works in this place, such as House of Sieves or Damero Building, are references when it comes to thinking about project models where "construction and technology constitute the ideas themselves".

Laurent Troost: Creating Architecture in Manaus

Laurent Troost personally received the Oscar Niemeyer Award at the 18th International Architecture Biennial in Buenos Aires. His winning project Cassina Innovation House, in the capital of the state of Amazonas in Brazil's Northern Region, brought the challenges of building in Manaus to the table.