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San Alberto Magno Chapel / Juan Pavez Aguilar + José Requesens Aldea

© Marcelo Cáceres A. © Marcelo Cáceres A. © Marcelo Cáceres A. © Marcelo Cáceres A. + 28

Valparaiso, Chile

Illustrations of Sacred Spaces Around the World by André Chiote

Architecture can be understood through many prisms but is often seen solely as the response to material demands - housing, leisure, commerce, etc. But perhaps no space is more emotionally and symbolically loaded than that of sacred spaces. Designing spaces for worship (religious or otherwise) can be one of the most creative and liberating tasks of this profession. These spaces transcend the terrestrial plane of mere material to become part of a universe of subjectivity and faith.

We present below a series of illustrations of such spaces by André Chiote, featuring famed architectural works by designers such as Gottfried Bohm, Oscar Niemeyer, and Peter Zumthor. 

© André Chiote © André Chiote © André Chiote © André Chiote + 18