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Singapore Archifest 2016

Singapore Archifest 2016 returns with a Pavilion designed with ‘Exhale’ as its theme at Raffles Place Park. Celebrating its 10th edition, Archifest’s theme for this year ‘Exhale’ seeks to challenge the rapidity and density of activities that define our pace of life, weigh in on the state of Singapore’s built environment and breathe new life into it.

Archifest 2014: Exploring CROWD In Singapore

Returning for its eighth year, Singapore's annual premiere festival Archifest explores the concept of CROWD, and how it interacts with and becomes an integral aspect of architecture and urbanism. Hailed as a Festival of Ideas for the City, Archifest is a two week long gala focusing this year on the context of Collective Intelligence and Community Capital, and the intricate complexities and interconnectivity between both. The theme is based on the belief that it is "the human aspect of architecture that encourages, facilitates, and enhances the human quality to hold influence and create energy to the makeup of our city."

Archifest 2013: "Small Is Beautiful"

The theme of this year's Archifest, located on the tiny nation-island of Singapore, was aptly named indeed: "Small is Beautiful." Organized by the Singapore Institute of Architects, the annual architecture festival includes a host of activities, ranging from architecture tours to urban picnics, and featured a curated selection of several leading local architects.