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Architecture Photos That Show Good Design Goes with Good Boys

Casa La Quinta / Pablo Pérez Palacios, Alfonso de la Concha Rojas, Miguel Vargas, Blas Treviño, Jorge Quiroga . Image © Rafael GamoCasas Catalinas / Agustín Lozada. Image © Gonzalo ViramonteMK5 House / ORTRAUM. Image © Marc GoodwinUnleashed Dog Spa / Square One Interiors. Image © Ihor Pona+ 33

Are you a cat or dog lover? At ArchDaily we know that you're as big an animal lover as we are. They inspire us, keep us company, and in the case of architectural photography, give us an idea of a structure's scale. We previously made a collection of photographs starring cats and architecture, and we could never forget our dog-loving readers. We bring you a collection of photographs where dogs take center stage.

Animalesque Berlin AA Visiting School

The Berlin AA Visiting School, an arm of Architectural Association School of Architecture, is still accepting registrations for their cutting edge lecture- and seminar series from the 6th till the 17th of August 2018. Participants will learn to adapt their design perspectives from anthropocentric to human-animal co-perspective, design and construct “The Insectarium”, and actively participate in Berlin’s political, ecological, and planning scene through talks and interactive sessions with an amazing roster of speakers ranging from legendary Raoul Bunschoten, Francois Roche, UNStudio, ARUP, Emanuele Coccia and Ricardo de Ostos!

The immersive multisensory experience will enhance the practical applications of helping wildlife

Winning Concepts for Zoo of the 21st Century Competition Announced

Archstorming have announced the winning projects of "Coexist: Rethinking Zoos," their recent competition to design a concept for the zoo of the 21st century. The call for entries asked participants to redefine the traditional zoo and transform the space from something that is not only an exhibition of animals, but also an educational tool, and a place for research and conservation. The team of international jurors selected three winners from more than 40 countries that submitted ideas.

The site for the proposal was the zoo in Barcelona, which has committed itself to prioritizing the welfare of its animals. To promote the well-being of the animals and nature, the winning teams designed imaginative alternatives to the traditional zoo methods of interaction, such as non-intrusive paths and even 3D virtual animals. The winners show that there are new ways for visitors to understand animals that are both ecologically friendly and sustainable.

Check out the winning submissions after the break.