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"Atelier of the Future" Competition Results Announced

The Atelier of the Future competition asked entrants to design a "creative and artistic vision of an atelier." Having been organised by FAKRO, in conjunction with A10 New European Architecture magazine, the proposals also were required to feature at least three FAKRO products (roof lights and windows) as part of a space which is functional, technologically astute, and able to "create the appropriate mood to stimulate creative visions."

With sixty two entries in total, a third of which were from Poland and 90% of which were from within Europe, the jury deliberated entries that "stimulated [their] imaginations and provoked a set of reflections about the possible futures of architecture and its fields for action." Divided among themes which ranged from projects associated with Industry, to Nature, to Water, entrants proposed solutions for "underwater resorts, skylofts, subterranean spaces, derelict areas, wheels of fortune and metabolist towers."

See the winning entries after the break.

First Prize: VENUS OF GARAGE by Katarzyna Furgalińska and Michał LisińskiSpecial Mention: Solitude by Krzysztof Stępień and Agnieszka WyrwasSpecial Mention: Solitude by Krzysztof Stępień and Agnieszka WyrwasThird Prize: Lightbox by Fabio Damiani, Daniele Cremaschi, Marco Quistini, Silvia Pezzetti+ 21