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10 Cities Embracing Bicycles in their Urban Planning

What does the future of cities and transportation look like? It looks like the future will run on two wheels and a handle bar. Many explain the rise of cyclists as a shift towards a healthier and more economical lifestyle. But while that may be true, why would individuals feel inclined to ride bicycles if the roads don't support it, or if there weren't adequate spaces to park?

Architecture plays an important role in promoting the use of bicycles. Cities equipped with safe bicycle lanes, parking lots, and public bike facilities encourage citizens to refrain from using their cars, and opt for a much more sustainable means of transportation. Many have already began reshaping their urban infrastructure in a way that caters to bicycles, whether it is through bicycle bridges, widened cycling lanes, or permanent parking lots.

Strawinskylaan Bicycle Parking / wUrck. Image © Jan de VriesLex van Delden Bridge / Dok Architecten. Image © Arjen SchmitzDenmark Pavilion, Shanghai Expo 2010 / BIG. Image © Iwan BaanThe South Entrance / Tengbom. Image © Felix Gerlach+ 15

On World Bicycle Day: 22 Inspiring Architectural Cycling Projects

Nowadays bicycles are not only used for sports or as a recreational activity, as more and more people are choosing bicycles as their main means of transportation.

Architecture plays a fundamental role in promoting the use of bicycles, as a properly equipped city with safe bicycle lanes, plentiful bicycle parking spots, and open areas to ride freely will encourage people to use their cars much less.

© Russ FlattCourtesy of Sergey Kuznetsov© Iwan Baan© Jesús Granada+ 32

Cycling through the Trees / Burolandschap

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