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11 Houses With Incredible Cantilevers

© Cécile Septet
© Cécile Septet

© Juan Solano© Ivan Hunter© Sergio Pirrone© Satoshi Asawaka+ 12

Cantilevers, structures that protrude from a building without the need for supports, are highly popular not only for their dramatic aesthetic effect, but also for the demonstration of technical mastery involved in their development. But we rarely see cantilevers in housing. For this reason, in this installment of our Photos of the Week, we have made a selection of 11 houses that seem to defy the physical laws of construction. Keep reading to see photos of renowned photographers such as Cécile Septet, Ema Peter, and Juan Solano.

Fly Out House / Tatsuyuki Takagi Architects Associates

© Satoshi Asawaka© Satoshi Asawaka© Satoshi Asawaka© Satoshi Asawaka+ 15

Toyohashi, Japan