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Cultural Centers: 50 Examples in Plan and Section

How many times have you been faced with the challenge of designing a cultural center? While this may seem like quite a feat, many architects have had to design a program that blends a community center with culture.

Among the projects published on our site, we have found numerous examples that highlight different responses, from flexible configurations to sites that prioritize central gathering areas for citizens and activities. See our series of 50 community centers and their plans and sections below.

13 Beautiful Barns from Around the World

Cortesía de Ema Peter
Cortesía de Ema Peter

© David Aebi© Audrey Hall Photography© Joe Fletcher© Christian Baur+ 13

This week we present a selection of the best photographs of barns, both still in use and converted for residential use, that we have previously published on our site. These 13 projects reveal the relationship of these agricultural areas with rural work, the storage of food and livestock, and the imposing natural landscape in which they are located. Read on to see images from prominent photographers including Erich Spahn, David Aebi, and Matthieu Gafsou.

Conversion of a Former Brewery to a Hotel / KÜHNLEIN Architektur

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20 Incredible Images of Architecture and Animals: The Best Photos of the Week

For the animal lovers among our audience, this week we have put together a special roundup of images of architecture alongside some marvelous critters. While not exactly a mainstay of architectural photography, proponents of the form like BoysPlayNice, Jesus Granada and Rafael Gamo have dared to include animal inhabitants in their architectural compositions. Read on to see a selection of 20 creative images where you will find horses, sheep, cows, goats, dogs, cats, and even elephants.

© Gartnerfuglen & Mariana de Delás© Matharoo Associates© Jesús Granada© Olo Studio+ 19

House of Culture / KÜHNLEIN Architektur

© Erich Spahn© Erich Spahn© Erich Spahn© Erich Spahn+ 27

  • Area Area of this architecture project Area:  290
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year:  2016

Kinderkrippe Pollenfeld / KÜHNLEIN Architektur

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Pollenfeld, Germany

Goat Barn in Bavaria / KÜHNLEIN Architektur

© Michael Kühnlein© Michael Kühnlein© Erich Spahn© Erich Spahn+ 11

Seubersdorf, Germany