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100 Public Spaces: From Tiny Squares to Urban Parks

06:30 - 3 April, 2019
© DuoCai Photograph
© DuoCai Photograph

© Gianluca Stefani © Thomas Zaar © Tomasz Zakrzewski © Sebastien Michelini + 112

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The key to successfully designing or recovering public spaces is to achieve a series of ingredients that enhance their use as meeting places. Regardless of their scale, some important tips are designing for people's needs, the human scale, a mix of uses, multifunctionality and flexibility, comfort and safety, and integration to the urban fabric.

To give you some ideas on how to design urban furniture, bus stops, lookouts, bridges, playgrounds, squares, sports spaces, small parks and urban parks, check out these 100 notable public spaces.

Stunning Images of Stone Architecture, Take II: The Best Photos of the Week

12:00 - 19 November, 2017
© César Bejar
© César Bejar

The use of stone is gaining popularity more and more in architectural design. Though it is an ancient construction technique, these days the texture that stone offers to spaces is having an undeniable impact on the many architects incorporating the material into their projects. For this reason, this week we present a second installment of stunning images of stone architecture, including 15 amazing images of this construction system by renowned photographers such as Hannes Henz, César Bejar, and Erieta Attali.

© César Bejar © Soraia Oliveira © Relja Ivanic © Randhir Singh + 16

Villa Slow / Laura Alvarez Architecture

05:00 - 13 November, 2017
Villa Slow / Laura Alvarez Architecture, © David Montero
© David Montero

© David Montero © David Montero © David Montero © David Montero + 36

Tetuán-Amaliach Square / Héctor Navarro + ARKHITEKTON

10:00 - 11 January, 2017
Tetuán-Amaliach Square / Héctor Navarro + ARKHITEKTON, ©  David Montero
© David Montero

©  David Montero ©  David Montero ©  David Montero ©  David Montero + 11

  • Architects

  • Location

    Tetuán Street, Santander, Cantabria, Spain
  • Category

  • Area

    2432.15 m2
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    David Montero