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Thin wood cladding - Skin | Parklex International S.L.
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Thin wood cladding - Skin | Parklex International S.L.

  • Use

    Natural wood skin
  • Applications

    Doors, columns, furniture, raised flooring
  • Characteristics

    No maintenace, flexible, resistant to atmosphheric changes in humidity and temperature

More about this product

Skin is a thin high-density stratified timber panel manufactured from natural wood. Its thin layer, measuring 1 or 2 mm depending on the type, makes it flexible for application on different surfaces, such as doors, columns, furniture, and other elements both outdoors (Skin External) and indoors (Skin Internal); it can also be used to make tiles for raised floors, with a high abrasion resistance finish (Skin Floor). Skin is installed glued to any support: particle board, fiber cement, MDF, metal, etc.

Parklex Skin

No maintenance
The surface composition of Parklex products protects against adverse conditions, eliminating the need for any maintenance or treatment.

Curved Panels
Skin Internal can be curved to a maximum radius of 25 cm, allowing its application on curved corners or columns.

Resistant to Changes
Extremely resistant to atmospheric changes in humidity and temperature, Skin External is also highly resistant to UV light, such that the color of the slats remains stable over time.

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