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Universal Bracket | BŌK Modern
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Universal Bracket | BŌK Modern

  • Use

    Most Bok moderns standard products as well as other off-brand systems
  • Applications

    External architectural metal systems; corporate, educational, commercial, and residential.
  • Characteristics

    Easy installation, field adjustability, customizable, non-flammable, solid metal, painted, stainless steel
  • Guarantee

    Lifetime limited warranty

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BŌK Modern

More about this product

The BŌK Modern Patented Universal Bracket is a simplified, efficient, flexible solution for mounting most of BŌK's architectural panel systems. They are made out of solid stainless steel with a powder coat finish. The distinct two-part design consists of part “A” mounting base, and a part “B” adjustable bracket, which together solve multiple installation issues. The innovative design allows for fast and easy installation while providing a wide range of adjustability for field tolerances. The brackets are universal, timesaving, and cost effective and can be purchased for BOK Modern’s guardrails or separately for other guardrail types.

Features and Benefits

  • Flexibility in installation - The two-part bracket allows for a full range of flexibility in applications. The bracket can rotate up to 34 degrees, and allows for adjustments in both the vertical and horizontal directions. It is able to be adjusted both within of out from the mounting surface, eliminating the need for precise fixed-bracket placement.

  • Self-supported bracket - The flat mounting plate with recessed #12 screws does not require any notching or recessing into the plywood substrate. With the “folded” plate shape, the BŌK Modern Universal Bracket is designed to be secured on both the face and the top of the structure. This configuration allows the bracket to be self-supported and eliminates the need for additional “hold-down” type hardware which gives very little allowance for error in positioning the bracket. Face-mounting means the bracket can be installed after the framing is completed, granting greater flexibility in building sequencing.

  • Cost-efficient - This ‘folded’ plate shape also allows you to directly secure to the rim joist, eliminating costly and time-consuming through bolting and the associated additional framing.

  • Quicker to install - The flat plate is easily flashed over, much like a nail-on window fin, as well as an integral J mold eliminating additional flashing and associated caulking. Minimal waterproofing is required. BŌK Modern’s Universal Bracket also eliminates tie-backs which require more labor and hardware giving less flexibility in sequencing and precision. These features can save installation labor time.

Some examples of suitable applications include mounting stair and balcony guardrails, as well as wall and parking garage screens to wood, steel and concrete substructures.

  • Materials - Stainless Steel

  • Finishes - Unfinished or Powder coat (AAMA 2604)

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BŌK Modern

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BŌK Modern

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