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Contactless Washroom Fittings in Healthcare Projects | The Splash Lab
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Contactless Washroom Fittings in Healthcare Projects | The Splash Lab

  • Use

    Contactless washroom products
  • Applications

    Healthcare projects
  • Characteristics

    Easy clean, touch-free fixtures, hygienic, water-saving, modular, eco-friendly, clean aesthetic, easy specification, simple installation, hidden support system, low maintenance
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Hand hygiene is vital to maintaining private and public health. With greater awareness around the risk of microbes and the huge benefits of preventative measures of simple hand-washing, it is vital to understand how to specify washroom products that will support good hygiene. To achieve this, designers can take simple and effective steps such as specifying contactless bathroom fittings as opposed to traditional taps, soap dispensers, and hand-dryers that require handles or push-button activation.

Contactless washroom accessories are activated by a sensor and do not require the user to touch the fitting. They also have the additional benefit of reducing the number of elements (i.e. contactless taps do not have handles or levers), which makes cleaning and sanitization much easier.

In healthcare settings, the need to maintain sanitary conditions is of paramount importance. The correct specification of washroom fittings is a vital part of the holistic sanitary strategy to protect the health of healthcare workers, cleaning and maintenance staff, and patients alike.

Features & Benefits:

  • Contactless - The user does not touch the fitting to activate its use. This reduces the chances of contamination for both the user and the fitting.
  • Temperature Settings - Taps provide water at a pre-set temperature for optimum comfort and efficiency.
  • No Drip - Sensor activated taps turn on and off automatically eliminating the chance for drips and leaks.
  • Easy Cleaning - The shape of the fittings and lack of additional components make contactless fittings easy to clean and maintain.
  • Water Efficient - The automatic activation and shut-off ensure efficient use of water.

The Splash Lab

The Splash Lab is an innovative company providing a range of contactless products for use in healthcare settings, among a number of other application types. The touch-free taps from The Splash Lab are hygienic, easy to use and achieve reliable water savings.

The Channel System

The Channel System includes three touch-free fixtures: soap dispenser, faucet, and hand dryer. The entire line can also be purchased as a two or three-fixture set; making specifications straightforward for large projects with many user stations, which is particularly useful in large healthcare project applications. Both sets are available with an optional faceplate in matching PVD options, with intuitive symbology representing soap, water, and air, to further streamline the hand washing process.

The Ribbon System

The Ribbon tap can be specified individually or as part of the Ribbon System trio; three deck-mounted, touch-free washroom products designed to speed up the user flow in the washroom and at the same time reduce water on the floor and the wastage of soap and paper. Cast in high-quality solid stainless steel, the Ribbon System is anti-splash, robust, and reliable. The Ribbon Hand Dryer and Soap Dispenser are also an essential part of a contactless washroom strategy.

The Monolith System

Monolith commercial washbasin offers total freedom of expression, within a system of modules that are pre-configured to meet building codes and offer an intuitive installation process. These washbasins are suitable for use in healthcare applications and are well suited for use with contactless fittings such as faucets and soap dispensers. Manufactured in North America using CNC machines and hand-finishing techniques, the Monolith is a competitive, contemporary design solution that still captures the quality of old-world craftsmanship. The four series comprise a comprehensive line that complements any aesthetic, fixture type (including contactless fittings), and installation needs:

  • Monolith A Series: A trough sink for deck-mounted fixtures (1-4 users)
  • Monolith B Series: A divided sink with countertops for deck-mounted fixtures (1-4 users)
  • Monolith C Series: A trough sink for wall-mounted fixtures (1-4) users
  • Monolith D Series: A divided sink with countertops for wall-mounted fixtures (1-4 users)

Contact manufacturer

The Splash Lab

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Contact manufacturer

The Splash Lab

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