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Sliding Window - Curved | Air-Lux
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Sliding Window - Curved | Air-Lux

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    Curved, inflatable air seal, sliding sash weights of up to 1800 kg, automated operation possible

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More about this product

Patented Air-Lux technology with an inflatable seal is used to not only allow horizontally opening sliding windows, but is also suitable for curved windows. The openable wings are 100% airtight because the air-supported seal adapts perfectly to the moving wing element and thus closes the intermediate gap completely.

Possible Opening Types

  • Vertical elements, from bottom to top / from top to bottom
  • Sloping, openable glazing (roof cut-outs)
  • Sliding elements that can be opened diagonally inwards or outwards
  • Vertically upward and/or downward slidable wings

Sliding Sashes up to 25m²

With the aid of the air seal, the system can accommodate more construction tolerances than conventional sealing systems. This in turn allows sash sizes up to a maximum width of 8 × 3.1 m (W × H) or a maximum height of 3.1 × 6 m (W × H) - and this with frameless installation flush with the floor and ceiling. With a weight of almost 2 tons, such a slide acts like a glass facade that can be moved sideways silently.


As there are no frictional resistances when the seal is vented as in systems with brush seals, motorization is only recommended from approx. 600 kg. The air-lux integral drive is invisibly integrated into the frame for all opening types and requires neither recesses nor recesses in the ceiling.


The very resistant Air-Lux basic construction can be upgraded with additional mechanical components and a special glass up to the tested resistance class RC3. All safety measures remain invisible and do not change the profile or the face width. Bulletproof glass or alarm glass up to a thickness of 60 mm can also be used. Electronic components for monitoring the closing position and locking the sliding sashes enable the control and monitoring of the sliding window via the building services (alarm system, house control system etc.) - even with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.


With the help of the patented sealing concept of Air-Lux, optimum values are achieved in all aspects of tightness. Be it rain tightness, wind tightness, or sound insulation. This guarantees maximum living comfort in all weather conditions. Since the air seal has no signs of wear, 100% tightness is guaranteed even years later.

Operation and Function

The sliding windows are operated on the window frame via a button with an integrated LED. Opening and closing are done manually or fully automatically, gently and quietly - without any effort. Outside, access options such as key switches, numeric codes, fingerprints, or badges are possible. In the event of a power failure, the elements can be pushed manually and lock automatically.

Threshold Training

The system can optionally be equipped with a swiveling floor flap or with a trailing sleeper carriage for disabled access. When using the sleeper carriage, there must be a free space opposite the opening direction where the sleeper carriage can be parked when closed.

Safety Catcher

Due to the arrangement of the sliding sash on the outside, an all-glass railing can be integrated directly into the system on the inside, so that the guardrail is not visible from the outside and hardly perceptible from the inside.

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