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Panelboard System | Longboard®
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Panelboard System | Longboard®

  • Use

  • Applications

    Rain-screen façades
  • Characteristics

    Recyclable, low maintenance, sustainably produced, lightweight, flat, easy installation
  • Sizes

    Base metal thickness: 1.77mm | Panel sizes: 1ft to 24 ft
  • Guarantee

    15 and 20 year warranty options available on finishes

More about this product

Longboard Panelboard system are panels made from high-grade extruded aluminum, hollow backed with a base metal thickness of 1.77mm. They are useful in construction for their high impact strength and light weight which can lead to reduced structural requirements and associated costs. This system can be finished in a variety of colours including standard solids, metallics and terra cotta finishes.


  • End of Use Recyclability
    100% recyclable, the extrusion doesn't contain plastic elements.
  • Low Maintenance
    Easy to maintain and cost effective field repairs. Dirt and debris can be easily rinsed and washed off with a mild detergent. No caulking or glue is required.
  • Sustainability
    Longboard can contain recycled aluminum. The production of aluminum billets sourced by Longboard uses hydro-electric power.
  • Benefits for Rain-Screen Applications
    BV/D (Rear ventilated rain-screen), no need for caulking. Mechanical seals are used such as metal flashing and metal furring strips which are long-lasting.
  • Flatness
    Extruded aluminum does no oil can and will demonstrate extraordinary flatness and rigidity when installed correctly.
  • Ease of Installation
    Regular cladding installers can quickly learn Panelboard installation techniques. The system is straight-forward in it's application and cutting panels can be done on-site. Typically one installer can apply 100 SF of coverage per day.

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