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Kitchen Mixers - Aquno Select M81 | hansgrohe
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Kitchen Mixers - Aquno Select M81 | hansgrohe

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    Optimized for multi-tasking, three water-jet types, water conservation, all-in-one concept
  • Guarantee

    Five-year manufacturer's guarantee

More about this product

The hansgrohe Aquno Select M81 kitchen tap is designed for intelligent workflow at the sink through optimization for multi-tasking. The kitchen tap is also extremely sustainable and beautifully designed with three jet types that support all use of water at the sink unit.

The Aquno Select M81 is hansgrohe’s most efficient kitchen tap, without compromising performance. The uniquely flat spray is gentle on fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and even hands and the targeted jet type uses water conservatively with an optimised flow rate of 4 l/min.

A flat base set and either a curved arc spout or an angled L-shaped spout, makes this hansgrohe kitchen mixer a design archetype. The design acts as a visual highlight in modern kitchens. The all-in-one concept is rounded off with a multi-functional sieve, which comes included and can be hung in the hansgrohe sink. This makes it simple and hygienic to wash and shower off food and leave it to drip dry without contact with the sink.

Three finishes are available:

  • Chrome
  • Stainless steel
  • Matt black

Spray Types

The three jet types make the tap particularly versatile to use and can be intuitively selected using the Select Function:

  • SatinFlow spray
    Gently shower off food with the flat, micro-fine SatinFlow spray from the tap’s base
  • Clear laminar spray
    a clear laminar spray from the spout reserves water
  • Voluminous shower spray
    A heavier shower spray can fill and rinse large containers in an instant with little splashing

Product Range

  • The Aquno Select M81 with a high arc spout
    The selector function on the pull-out spray can be used to simply and intuitively switch between a laminar and a shower spray. The control for turning the tap on and off and adjusting the water’s temperature is integrated into the tablet in the form of a single-lever handle on the side.
  • The Aquno Select M81 with an L-shaped spout
    The angled outlet pipe highlights the linear design while the L-shape enables the product to be harmoniously combined with wall cupboards. This Aquno Select M81 comes with a pull-out function with a laminar spray. Switching to the flat shower is also easy with this model.

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