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Interior Photocatalytic Paint - Ecosil®-ME | KEIM
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Interior Photocatalytic Paint - Ecosil®-ME | KEIM

  • Use

    Interior paint for highly stressed walls
  • Applications

    Heavily frequented areas: public buildings, hospitals, schools, hotels, hospitals etc.
  • Characteristics

    Silicate based paint, photocatalytic effect, suitable for allergy sufferers, highly resistant to scrubbing and abrasion and disinfectant
  • Colors

    White, KEIM Palette exclusiv, tinting with KEIM color concentrates
  • Certification

    DIN EN 13 300 and DIN 18 363, par. 2.4.1.

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More about this product

KEIM Ecosil®-ME is specially formulated for heavy-use interior areas. The silicate-baste interior paint has a photocatalytic effect. It is highly resistant to scrubbing and abrasion and disinfectant and also reduces harmful gases and neutralises odours.

KEIM Ecosil-ME is the only interior silicate paint which actively optimises the air in the room by the photocatalysis principle. Odours and noxious gases in interiors can come from furniture or carpet off-gassing, KEIM Ecosil®-ME paint minimizes them and even works on bacteria and mould spores, significantly reducing them through photocatalysis.

KEIM Ecosil® Syste Products

KEIM Ecosil®-ME KEIM Grundierweiß (Priming white)
Description Quality, multi-purpose interior silicate paint to DIN EN 13 300 and DIN 18 363, par. 2.4.1., silicate emulsion paint. KEIM Ecosil-ME is scrub-resistant and reduces pollutants and odours with a photocatalytic effect. Silicate based priming paint for interiors. Used as primer for sound, existing organic coatings, plasterboard or spot-filled substrates in combination with KEIM Ecosil-ME
Colour shade White, KEIM Palette exclusiv, tinting with KEIM color concentrates White
Application Brush, roller or spraying Brush, roller
Consumption For two coats: approx. 0.25 l/m² KEIM Ecosil-ME + approx. 0.02 l/m² KEIM Spezial-Fixativ For one coat: approx. 0.2 l/m²
Packaging 2.5 l, 5 l and 15 l containers
Pallet: 24 x 15 l / 70 x 5 l
5 l and 15 l containers
Pallet: 24 x 15 l / 70 x 5 l

System Related and Complementary Products

  • KEIM FARBKONZENTRATE (Tinting concentrate)
    in order to tint KEIM Ecosil-ME
    Dilution and primer for silicate emulsion paints.
    Interior primer
    Silicate based filler coat or filler additive on a silicate basis for interior use

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