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Metal Panel Finishes - ArtMe | Trimo
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Metal Panel Finishes - ArtMe | Trimo

  • Use

    Metal panel inscription
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Unlimited design options, panel inegrity is preserved, created using 3D forming technology

More about this product

ArtMe is a unique façade design from Trimo that allows a wide range of shapes, patterns and visual effects to be expressed on the façade for dramatic, individual and creative results. It enables many design possibilities - from pictures to inscriptions, logos, brands and bespoke creations.

By using highly controlled, 3D-forming technology the embossed design is achieved without any need for adhesives, additional elements or structural devices and most importantly, the original structural integrity and characteristics of the façade elements are preserved without compromise.

ArtMe Designs

ArtMe won the prestigious Red Dot Product Design Award in 2010 for Trimo, which makes it the only product from the fire rated roofs and façades sector to receive this award. An original expression of your façade envelope can be achieved through the application of this completely unique process.

With ArtMe you can extend your vision and design creativity onto a large façade canvas. And as with any introduction, first impression is critical and you don´t want to neglect the importance of it for your building. ArtMe design will introduce your building to the public on a distinctive way and assure you a powerful first impression.

You can choose, design and impose almost any eye-catching graphical element to your building, tell your own story and stand out. You can choose from seven pre-designed patterns (puzzle, lines, bubbles, indent, circles, mesh and stripes), or you can opt for your own individual creation. You may wish to emulate something personal, corporate or something inspired by the building and its use:

  • Signs and logotypes
  • Emphasis of specific architectural elements
  • Patterns, lines, and textures
  • Marking of transport routes, locations, buildings, or entrances
  • Inscriptions and signs
  • Brand symbols
  • Photo adaptations

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