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Integrating Operable Walls in a Space | Skyfold

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  • Use

    Interior operable walls
  • Applications

    Hospitality, airports, function centers, corporate, education, hospitality, health, defense, retail, government buildings, theatres
  • Characteristics

    Acoustics, flexibility, clean design, easy to use, no floor or wall tracks, lightweight, conserves floor space, low maintenance, retractable
  • Format

    Vertically folding

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More about this product

Although operable partitions serve a primarily practical function in a space, they can also be used as design pieces that complement and even enhance interior design.

Here are some simple design choices you can make so that your Skyfold operable wall feels and looks integrated within a space:

  1. Choose Skyfold as Your Space Management Solution

    While there are many different kinds of operable walls and operable partitions to suit your clients’ various design and function needs, there is no other product that combines the highest STC rated system and the most reliable performance with the discreetness and design flexibility of Skyfold.

    When not in use, the innovative and automated vertical folding motion neatly tucks the wall away into the ceiling, decluttering valuable floor space (no clunky storage closets in view). Plus, the system does not require floor or walls tracks to control the wall’s movement. When the Skyfold wall is not in use, all that’s left behind is an unobstructed open space with clean lines—like it’s not even there.

  2. Make the Bottom Row of Panels Match the Ceiling

    Since Skyfold stores in the ceiling, the panels on the bottom row of a Skyfold wall become part of the ceiling’s appearance when not in use. To make the ceiling appear as one uninterrupted surface, choose a finish for the bottom row of the Skyfold wall that matches the ceiling. You can match by color, texture, or both.

  3. Add a Little Light

    LED lights along the bottom row of panels is an optional feature on most Skyfold models. When the Skyfold wall is tucked away in the ceiling, the LED lights function as pot lights, adding visual interest and additional use to your movable wall.

  4. Make Your Wall Pop

    Go all out and make the Skyfold wall an accent feature in your space.

    Skyfold offers a myriad of finish options, including custom or customer supplied finishes for endless design possibilities. Choose one color or finish for the entire wall, or mix and match colors, finishes and textures on selected panels to create something unique and eye-catching. You can even personalize each side of the Skyfold wall with different finish selections or finish layouts to complement either side of the room.

    A custom mural or graphic image is also a great way to make the wall a focal point for your design or to communicate your client’s history, brand and personality.

  5. Make Your Wall Disappear

    If you want the movable wall to be more inconspicuous, you can choose a wall finish that complements the space or that replicates the surrounding fixed walls so that the Skyfold wall looks like a permanent fixture and an intentional design element. Not only will this help to anchor the wall to the overall interior design theme, but it will also give the people using the space a bit of shock once it begins to fold into the ceiling.

  6. Seal Colors

    Automated rubber seals function as the last barrier to block noise when your Skyfold wall is separating a space, but did you know that these seals are available in black or white? Consider choosing a seal color that complements the color of the finish (or finishes) you’ve selected for the Skyfold wall. The right seal color can make the Skyfold panels look like decorative and architectural elements in your space, or they can make the panels seemingly disappear altogether.

  7. Go Premium

    Skyfold’s Zenith® Premium series uses the narrow path of travel technology from the Zenith® Series and takes it one step further with automated ceiling pocket closures. When looking upward from the base of other Skyfold models, the ceiling storage pocket is visible. The Zenith Premium conceals this pocket from view and leaves the ceiling completely flushed. For your closure panels, choose a color and finish type that matches the ceiling for a truly seamless look.

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