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Sliding Pocket Door - ECLISSE Acoustic | ECLISSE
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Sliding Pocket Door - ECLISSE Acoustic | ECLISSE

  • Use

    Acoustic sliding door
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Acoustic attenuation, magnetic operation, draft-resistant
  • Colors

    Raw walnut Tanganyika and in lacquered RAL colors.
  • Certification

    UNI EN ISO 10140 - 2 | UNI EN ISO 717 - 1 | Noise abatement 38 dB (-1; -3)
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More about this product

ECLISSE Acoustic is a soundproofing solution for sliding pocket door systems from Eclisse. Designed specifically to reduce the noise between adjoining rooms, ECLISSE Acoustic has all the advantages of a sliding pocket door system associated with high soundproofing performance.

THe ECLISSE Acoustic complete set includes;

  • sound-absorbent door panel with specific stratigraphy
  • acoustic jambs already milled for the application of gaskets
  • gaskets and bumps to seal the vertical interstices, which are activated when the door is closed, sealing the vertical sides of the door hole, preventing the sound to pass through.
  • upper and lower weatherstrips to seal the horizontal interstices
  • magnets to ensure a perfect closing of the door, keeping it tight to the doorpost

Each element is developed to ensure the soundproofing of the door passage. When the acoustic door panel closes, the special gaskets and weatherstrips get activated to seal the whole perimeter of the door, fixing the drafts and soundproofing the passage.

ECLISSE Acoustic is compatible with the following sliding pocket door systems;

  • ECLISSE Single
  • ECLISSE Luce Single

ECLISSE Acoustic door panels and jambs are available in raw walnut Tanganyika and in lacquered RAL colors.

According to the base model (Single, Luce Single or Ewoluto® Single) the finished wall thickness varies between 125 and 150 mm, both for solid and stud wall versions, with the width ranging from 600 to 1000 mm and height from 2000 to 2400 mm. When installed, the acoustic kit reduces the clear passage size by 10 mm.

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