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Vertically Folding Operable Walls – Zenith® Premium Series | Skyfold
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Vertically Folding Operable Walls – Zenith® Premium Series | Skyfold

  • Use

    Interior operable walls
  • Applications

    Hospitality, airports, function centres, corporate, education, hospitality, health, defence, retail, government, theatres
  • Characteristics

    Acoustics, flexibility, vertical motion, clean design, premium product, fully automated, quiet operation, easy to use, no floor or wall tracks, flat, rigid, lightweight, conserves floor space, low maintenance, LCD Touch Screen Operator Station, Pocket Closure
  • Sizes

    Unlimited length. Max height up to 14 feet (4.2m)
  • Guarantee

    2-Year (5000-cycle) Parts & Labor Warranty as well as a 10-year (5000 cycle) Acoustical Performance Warranty

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More about this product

The Zenith® Premium Series—the newest addition to the Skyfold® line of products—encapsulates every benefit of Skyfold® while solidifying its place as the leader in movable wall innovation: superior acoustic performance, vertical motion, ease-of-use, design, and seamless integration into any space.

With a streamlined straight down deployment, the Zenith® Premium is ideal for spaces with obstructions, such as heavy furniture, which would otherwise limit the use of a vertically folding retractable wall. The ceiling pocket that stores the Skyfold® operable wall is traditionally visible when looking up from the base of a Classic™ or Zenith® model in its down position. The Zenith® Premium, however, features closure panels to hide the pocket from view, thereby maintaining the ceiling’s flushed and unobtrusive appearance. With this added feature, the Zenith® Premium not only functions, but also looks like a permanent fixture.

Acoustic Performance of Installed Systems

  • Zenith Premium 51 – Exceptional soundproofing (STC 51 / RW 51)
  • Zenith Premium 55 – Superior soundproofing (STC 55 / RW 54)
  • Zenith Premium 60 – Maximum soundproofing (STC 60 / RW 59)
  • Zenith Premium NRC – Excellent sound absorption with a noise reduction coefficient (NRC/SAC) of up to 0.65 (STC 50 / RW49)

Custom Dimensions

  • Width Unlimited
  • Height Up to 14 feet (4.2m)

Standard Features

  • Pocket closure
  • Two LCD display touch screens with a multilingual interface
  • Faster deployment time (versus the regular Zenith model)


  • Self-Retracts into the Ceiling to Conserve Floor Space
  • Acoustic Walls with Industry Leading STC Ratings of Up to 60
  • Seamless Ceiling Integration
  • Narrow Path of Travel
  • No Floor or Wall Tracks
  • Fully Automatic
  • Quiet Operation
  • Flat and Rigid
  • Cost-Effective and Lightweight Structure
  • Equipped with a Safety Obstruction Sensor
  • Made-to-Measure
  • Variety of Finish Options to Meet Your Design Needs
  • LCD Display Touch Screens
  • Reliable – Comes with a 2-year (5000-cycle) Parts & Labor Warranty as well as a 10-year Acoustical Performance Warranty

For generic CAD drawings and more Revit files, please go to Skyfold’s website.

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