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Markerboard Finish for Folding Walls | Skyfold
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Markerboard Finish for Folding Walls | Skyfold

  • Use

    Interior Folding and Operable Walls
  • Applications

    Education, corporate
  • Characteristics

    A dry-erase writing surface (to be used with dry-erase markers only), ideal for classrooms, offices, boardrooms, training rooms, and meeting/study rooms, creates multi-functional folding walls, can be applied in combination with other finishes from Skyfold
  • Sizes

    Unlimited length. Max height up to 36 feet (11 m)
  • Guarantee

    2-Year (5000-cycle) Parts & Labor Warranty as well as a 10-year (5000 cycle) Acoustical Performance Warranty

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More about this product

Skyfold’s standard white markerboard finish is available on all Classic™, Zenith® and Zenith® Premium vertical folding wall technology.

Multipurpose Vertically Folding Retractable Walls

Skyfold folding walls give added value for the people using a space since the wall not only acoustically and physically divides space, but with a markerboard finish can also be used as a writing surface or as a projection surface for videos and presentations.

undefined Markerboard Folding Wall
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The markerboard finish can be applied to the entire folding wall to create a shiny surface with functional duality. The finish can also be used on Skyfold folding walls in combination with other finish options to create a unique room divider that unites texture, color, and functionality using the following finishes:

  • Fabric
  • Vinyl
  • Wood veneer
  • Plastic laminate
  • Paint
  • Metals
  • Glass

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