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Vertically Folding Operable Walls – Zenith® Series | Skyfold
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Vertically Folding Operable Walls – Zenith® Series | Skyfold

  • Use

    Interior operable walls
  • Applications

    Hospitality, airports, function centres, corporate, education, hospitality, health, defence, retail, government, theatres
  • Characteristics

    Acoustics, flexibility, vertical motion, clean design, premium product, fully automated, quiet operation, easy to use, no floor or wall tracks, flat, rigid, lightweight, conserves floor space, low maintenance
  • Sizes

    Length varies. Max height up to 12 feet (3.6m)
  • Guarantee

    2-Year (5000-cycle) Parts & Labor Warranty as well as a 10-year (5000 cycle) Acoustical Performance Warranty

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More about this product

The Zenith® series is cutting-edge, innovative vertical folding operable wall technology. Zenith® combines the vertically folding elements found in the Skyfold® Classic™ series at the top portion of the wall with a slick straight down descent thereafter.

Zenith® is ideal for areas that may have wall obstructions which could limit the use of a vertically folding wall.

Except for the Zenith® 48 model, the Zenith® series is now available in unlimited length. The maximum available height for all Zenith® models is 12 feet (3.6 m).

Acoustic Performance of Installed Systems

  • Zenith 48 – Excellent soundproofing (STC 48 / RW 47)
  • Zenith 51 – Exceptional soundproofing (STC 51 / RW 51)
  • Zenith 55 – Superior soundproofing (STC 55 / RW 54)
  • Zenith 60 – Maximum soundproofing (STC 60 / RW 59)
  • Zenith NRC – Excellent sound absorption with a noise reduction coefficient (NRC/SAC) of up to 0.65 (STC 50 / RW49)

Zenith 48 Model Only

  • Maximum wall length: 48 feet (14.6 m)
  • One finish per wall; Finish selection limited to one of Skyfold’s standard fabrics, standard vinyl, standard paint or standard white markerboard surface finish


  • Self-Retracts into the Ceiling to Conserve Floor Space
  • Acoustic Walls with Industry Leading STC ratings of Up to 60
  • Fully Automatic with Simple Turnkey Operation
  • Quiet Operation
  • Flat and Rigid
  • Narrow Path of Travel
  • No Floor or Wall Tracks
  • Cost-Effective and Lightweight Structure
  • Made-to-Measure
  • Can be Installed to Meet at 90°
  • Equipped with a Safety Obstruction Sensor
  • Distinctive Decorative Elements with Customizable Finish Options to Meet Your Design Needs
  • Reliable – Comes with a 2-year (5000-cycle) Parts & Labor Warranty as well as a 10-year Acoustical Performance Warranty

For generic CAD drawings and more Revit files, please go to Skyfold’s website.

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