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Terracotta Cladding in Arkansas University | Terreal
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Terracotta Cladding in Arkansas University | Terreal

  • Use

    Terracotta rainscreen cladding façade system
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Weather-resistant, long-lasting, fire-resistant, impact-resistant
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More about this product

Ebony colored Terreal Piterak Slim rainscreen cladding lends simplicity to the new Arkansas University Media Center. The pure lines of extreme simplicity are a deliberate contrast with the existing building. The brand new terracotta clad building asserts its obvious contemporaneity, right beside Kimpel Hall, which has itself been renovated at the same time. This media center, sitting at one of the busiest pedestrian crossroads on the campus, was built in 1977 and has actually been completely redesigned to make it more fitting for its current purposes.

Project Scope

Dake Wells Architecture did outstanding work on access points, traffic flow, floor plan designs, and room configurations, etc. to optimize the use of the seven-storey office building intended for the teaching staff, as well as the four-storey classroom building. The architects also worked on the main entrance to provide a new experience for visitors in terms of a smoother, more open flow. All this whilst retaining the spirit of the adjacent buildings, by choosing the same type of materials long in use on the campus.

Façade Design

The firm ingeniously preserved materials as a common thread when designing the new building. Its shape, size, and large, solid façades ensure this stylish, ultra-modern block stands in contrast to its historical neighbors. And yet it blends into its environment superbly. How? The architects had the great idea of covering it with charcoal-colored terracotta, as an allusion to the slate roofing tiles on the buildings nearby. Installed vertically, with regular joints, this Ebony colored Piterak Slim rainscreen cladding gives a visually striking result. So, like a piece in the construction puzzle, this new space fits in perfectly with the complex as a whole, while also standing out from it. It plays with disruptive elements but without clashing, and attracts the eye without being harsh on it - quite the opposite, in fact.

The proposition met the University’s strong demand for the use of sustainable, high-quality materials. The terracotta cladding is long-lasting, resistant to bad weather and interesting from an aesthetic point of view. As a bonus, it looks clean and simple, streamlined and modern. For this building, it was used as a skin or rainscreen. The biggest challenge was to keep to the very strict tolerance levels for assembly. Fortunately, Terreal helped the architects to review and refine their drawings to ensure that the required tolerance levels were reached on site. Terreal was also present throughout the project to advise on technical details and installation procedures.

Project Data

Project name University of Arkansas Kimpel Hall Classroom
Location Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA
Architect Dake Wells Architecture, MAHG Architecture
Client University of Arkansas
Installer CDI contractors
Product Piterak® Slim, 16.Ebène - 16.Ebony

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