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Surfaces - Dekton® Liquid Collection | Cosentino
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Surfaces - Dekton® Liquid Collection | Cosentino

  • Use

    Interior/exterior surfaces
  • Applications

    Walls, facades, floors, furniture, countertops, sinks, shower trays
  • Characteristics

    Stone like Surfaces manufactured with particle sintering technology, ultracompact, UV resistant, scratch resistant, stainproof, temperature resistant, fireproof

More about this product

Dekton® surface material from Cosentino is an ultracompact surface made from a mixture of raw materials used to make glass, state-of-the-art porcelain, and quartz surfaces. Dekton® surfaces are manufactured using Particle Sintering Technology; a process that involves an accelerated version of the metamorphic changes that natural stone undergoes when exposed to pressure and high temperatures for millennia.

Dekton® Liquid is inspired by nature and everything that comes from it. In design, it inspires the following feelings:

  • Freshness
  • Elegance
  • Subtle visual movement

Dekton® Liquid Shell

Dekton® Liquid Shell

Celebrating subtlety and softness, Liquid Shell is supposed to honor what lies beneath the ocean which represents the rhythmic nature of life and the gentle ebb and flow that softens, creating new textures and smooth surfaces with each passing current. The design of Liquid Shell is also inspired by the moon, with a pearlescent shade of off-white with a rippling pattern of the landscape of the ocean floor overlayed.

Dekton® Liquid Embers

Dekton® Liquid Embers

Liquid Embers represents a meeting point between fire and liquid. Reminiscent of magma, Liquid Embers is a dark, carbon-like design that represents the alchemy of the elements. This pattern from Cosentino renews intuition, potency and creativity.

Dekton® Liquid Sky

Dekton® Liquid Sky

A swirling, marbled, cloud-like pattern that celebrates fluid dynamics. Liquid Sky’s unique characteristics consist of a white base with flowing grey veins. The design explores the movement of gravity, the interplay of the elements, their matter, and pays homage to swirling energy and perpetual motion.

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