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Surfaces - Sensa® Premium Series | Cosentino
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Surfaces - Sensa® Premium Series | Cosentino

  • Use

    Interior surfaces
  • Applications

    Walls, floors, furniture, countertops, sinks, shower trays
  • Characteristics

    Stain protection, high strength, durability, low porosity
  • Colors

    Glacial Blue, Bianco Antico, Ice Blue, Black Beauty, Indian Black, Colonial White, Orinoco, Taj Mahal, White Macaubas, Siberia, Nilo, Platino, Vancouver, Silver Grey, Graphite Grey
  • Certification

    NSF, Greenguard
  • Guarantee

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More about this product

Sensa® by Cosentino is a natural granite surface with stain-resistant protection that makes them unique. Granite is known for its properties of high strength, durability, and low porosity; Cosentino adds to this a revolutionary anti-stain treatment. Sensa® granite surfaces repel liquids such as water or oil and provide greater protection against stains.


The Sensa® treatment is incorporated by creating a chemical bond to the material, providing invisible protection that still allows the granite surface to breathe. This treatment prevents any type of liquid from penetrating the granite and ensures that properties such as color, quality and finish remain unchanged for longer and with better results.


The Sensa® granite surfaces carry the NSF Certificat meaning they are suitable materials for contact with food, as well as the Greenguard certificate, which guarantees compliance with the indoor air quality standards of the North American Environmental Institute.


  • Kitchen countertops
  • Bathrooms
  • Floors
  • Interior surface
  • Stairs


Different colors and textures are part of the Premium collection:

Sensa® Premium | Cosentino Sensa® Premium | Cosentino
Siberia Nilo
Sensa® Premium | Cosentino Sensa® Premium | Cosentino
Platino Graphite Grey
Sensa® Premium | Cosentino Sensa® Premium | Cosentino
Silver Grey Vancouver
  • Glacial Blue
    With dark areas and crystalline areas generates a light-dark contrast. | Polished finish.
  • Bianco Antico
    Colors, shapes, and drawings that don't follow a pattern. | Polished finish.
  • Ice Blue
    Lines and shapes of light and dark tones. | Polished finish.
  • Black Beauty
    Indian granite with a black base that is filled with white streaks reminiscent of the foam on the waves in an indomitable ocean. | Finish: Caresse.
  • Indian Black
    Dark base and light streaks. | Polished finish.
  • Colonial White
    A bright tone on which several reddish dots that stand out, bringing vitality to the material. Its versatility makes it adapt perfectly to all types of styles, classic or avant-garde. | Polished finish.
  • Orinoco
    Wild granite created on the basis of veins of white, gold and copper that undulate on the bottom in an intense black. | Polished finish.
  • Taj Mahal
    A base of light tones with only slightly darker veins. | Polished finish.
  • White Macaubas
    Highlighting the characteristics of marble, the purity of this color makes it easy to achieve minimalist environments. | Polished finish.
  • Siberia
    Brazilian quartzite featuring a white background reminiscent of the pristine colour of Siberian snow. Its design is characterised by small black speckles. Authenticity in its purest form.
  • Nilo
    Brazilian quartzite with a dark grey background over which striking faded grey veins give a sensation of movement to the material. This powerful natural design confers an unseen elegance to this new exclusive stone of the Sensa Premium Collection which is offered in Mirage polished finish.
  • Platino
    Beautiful quartzite from the interior of Brazil whose mineral composition gives a sense of purity, evoking with its veins the movement of ocean waves. Its leather finish provides our environments with balance and harmony.
  • Graphite Grey
    Graphite Grey compliments ebonized wood, nickel finishes, gray lacquer and glass for a transitional material that plays well in all design dialects.
  • Silver Grey
    The hardness and uniformity provided by the white veins running horizontally across the deep grey surface of this Brazilian granite give warmth and serenity to the atmosphere.
  • Vancouver
    This Brazilian quartzite with a white background features a very varied range of veins, which can be more or less thick, narrow, wide, intertwined or separated. Beautiful patterns are outlined on a cracked surface that invites us to touch it.

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