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Sintered Stone in City House Refurbishment | Neolith
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Sintered Stone in City House Refurbishment | Neolith

  • Use

    Interior walls, floors and furniture cladding
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Large spans, thin, lightweight, durable, non-porous, hygienic
  • Format

    Large-format sintered stone slabs
  • Colors

    White, grey, black
  • Sizes

    <2.1 x 2.6
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Neolith Sintered stone was used extensively in this City House refurbishment in Brussels; the property was purchased by a for its location in a lively Brussels neighborhood. To Maximize the space and give the appearance of spaciousness, imaginative design had to be employed for the 180m2 City House.

Location Flagey Square, Brussels
Area 180m2
Interior Designer Michel Penneman
Year 2018

The refurbished house is clad throughout with Neolith Sintered Stone, every room featuring different colors and finishes. The couple's traditional minimalist ideas were realized but with diversity in each room and contemporary materials despite the project being a traditional build.

Neolith Sintered Stone Versus Natural Stone

Natural Stone Sintered Stone
Fragile and difficult to maintain Easy to maintain and extremely durable
Requires a protective coat and will lose its color in a few years No protection required, will maintain its finish with only routine cleaning.
Heavy, thick slabs can only be used in certain areas where weight is not an issue Thin, lightweight Slabs can easily be used for furniture and doors

The interior designer, Michel Penneman, enjoyed the challenge of the small house refurbishment which called for ingenuity. He opened up the spaces by tearing down some walls to create longer perspectives. The result was an increase in the sense of space and light without damaging the integrity of the frame.

Before After
The City House presented a challenge with many walls enclosing tiny spaces making for a cramped atmosphere. An open plan house with lots of natural light that bounces off the light-colored sintered stone surfaces.
Before | Neolith City House After | Neolith City House
Before | Neolith City House After | Neolith City House
Before | Neolith City House After | Neolith City House

The design was enabled by communicating early on with an engineer to remove the walls. Once the spaces were defined, a brief for use of the areas was made and colors were chosen for each area. For areas of the house where people live and relax, clean neutral colors were selected. Bolder, brighter finishes were brought in as furniture or decorations which can be changed as needed. A palette of white, grey and black was chosen to provide a serene backdrop.

Neolith Sintered Stone Finishes

Floors, stairs Phedra Satin
Walls Arctic White Silk
Coffee Table Calacatta Polished
Utility room Beton Silk
Kitchen Estatuario Silk
WC Bathroom Blanco Carrara
Bathroom walls Krater and Arctic White Silk
Bathroom floors Phedra Silk
Shower room Nero Marquina
Bedroom Krater and Arctic White

The City House successfully explores the range of possibilities of Neolith in a whole house, transformed from a collection of confined spaces to an open, contemporary home.

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