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Largo Fiber Cement Panel - Nobilis Finish | Swisspearl
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Largo Fiber Cement Panel - Nobilis Finish | Swisspearl

  • Use

    Facade cladding and interior application
  • Applications

    Residential, corporate, commercial, public
  • Characteristics

    Authentic fiber cement look, translucent lightly pigmented coating, large format fiber cement panel
  • Sizes

    Maximum usable finished panel size: 3050 x 1250mm | Thickness: 8mm, 12mm. Can be cut as required.
  • Certification

    Fire classification: A2-s1, d0, Environmental Product Declaration according to ISO 14025 and EN 15804
  • Guarantee


More about this product

Largo fiber cement panels from Swisspearl impart texture, color, and character to façades and provide a highly effective protective layer. Swisspearl panels offer an extensive selection of surface options, joints/fastenings, and freely selectable panel formats within the maximum size.

Swisspearl Largo Nobilis Finish

Nobilis is a large format fiber cement panel with a translucent lightly pigmented surface coating. Select color tones highlight the authenticity of the fiber cement.

Swisspearl Nobilis Jade 521

Tagline An authentic fiber cement look.
Base panel Grey based sheet
Top layer Translucent lightly pigmented
Standard colors 12

Nobilis HR

  • Nobilis HR has a special coating that provides excellent scratch resistance to the standard Nobilis and protection against heavy soiling and graffiti. Nobilis HR is available in all standard Nobilis colors.


The whole range from flat layer to lapped coverings, with face or concealed fastening as detailed in the Swisspearl Design & Installation Manual


The fiber cement panels are made from a blend of cement, wood pulp, reinforcing fibers and water, the mix is then processed and colored to form the cladding panels. The Swisspearl panels have delicate surface texture, a natural appearance and feel, and a carefully matched full-body color.

Swisspearl Nobilis Jade 521 Swisspearl Nobilis Jade 522 Swisspearl Nobilis Granite 622
Swisspearl Nobilis Granite 624 Swisspearl Nobilis Crystal 124 Swisspearl Nobilis Crystal 125
Swisspearl Nobilis Crystal 123 Swisspearl Nobilis Azurite 422 Swisspearl Nobilis Azurite 421
Swisspearl Nobilis Amber 723 Swisspearl Nobilis Amber 721 Nobilis White 112

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