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Digital Ceramic Printing in Louvers | Dip-Tech
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Digital Ceramic Printing in Louvers | Dip-Tech

  • Use

    Single panels, laminated glass, curved glass
  • Applications

    Louvers, shading elements
  • Characteristics

    High performance, weather resistance, heat reduction, light control
  • Certification

    SIKA & Kurarai

More about this product

Glass panels created with Dip-Tech digital glass printing are durable, efficient, and completely functional. Using dots and lines, the decorative glass can be made to specification with the exact window tinting needed for a particular environment. This reduces solar heat gain and UV exposure while allowing high levels of natural light to pass through, for a pleasant indoor environment. At the same time, Dip-Tech printed glass maintains an attractive appearance to augment the space or blend in with any design.

Featured Project


Project Parking house Hyllie
Location Malmö, Sweden
Architect FOJAB Architects
Printed by JYC (China)
Glass Laminated Low E

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