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Digital Ceramic Printing in Doors and Windows | Dip-Tech
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Digital Ceramic Printing in Doors and Windows | Dip-Tech

  • Use

    Laminated glass, curved glass
  • Applications

    Doors & windows
  • Characteristics

    High performance, weather resistance, heat reduction, light control
  • Certification

    SIKA & Kurarai

More about this product

Glass doors and windows digitally printed with Dip-Tech technology combine the best in design with the best in surface finishing. By adding a customized touch, architects can optimize any space – making a door more than an entrance, and a window much more than a panel for light.

Safe, durable and incredibly stylish, Dip-Tech digital glass printing is ideal for creating unique, attractive and highly functional shop windows, home windows, entranceways, or doors to any building or room, for residential or commercial purposes.

Featured Project


Project Chapel
Location Ohio
Printed by Window Creation

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