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Digital Ceramic Printing in Art & Signage | Dip-Tech
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Digital Ceramic Printing in Art & Signage | Dip-Tech

  • Use

    Laminated glass, curved glass, adhered glass
  • Applications

    Art & signage
  • Characteristics

    Anti scratch, acid resistance, high durability
  • Certification

    SIKA & Kurarai

More about this product

Dip-Tech digital glass printing is a cost-effective way to maintain creative freedom while making a vivid statement with eye-catching works.

With Dip-Tech digital glass printing, sharp, rich colors generate highly-detailed photorealistic images, patterns, graphic elements, and texts. This is ideal for creating unique glass signage, glass logos that incorporate branding elements, and expressive indoor or outdoor art projects that are durable, long-lasting, and weather-resistant.

Featured Projects


Project Office art
Location USA
Printed by HArtung


Project Feat of Fabrication
Location Florida
Printed by m3

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