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Large Panel Fastener - Stratlock Range | Fastmount®

  • Use

    Heavyweight ceiling and wall panels
  • Applications

    Commercial, hotel, healthcare, retail, residential, contract
  • Characteristics

    18kg pull out load, fast installation, 4mm supported panel adjustment before final engagement, acoustic isolation

More about this product

The Stratlock Range is a heavy-duty hidden panel mounting solution from Fastmount™ for installing large or heavyweight interior panels onto aluminum or steel extrusion framework. A purpose-built system designed in collaboration with Poliform Contract Italia, the Stratlock Range is the only product on the market that provides versatility for modular design with adjustable panel installation, thanks to its patent-pending dual locking function.


Screw- or adhesive-fix male SL-M18
Rapid-fit female - aluminum side-channel framework SL-FA
Screw fix female – solid framework SL-SFA
Rapid-fit female - Steel extrusions SL-FB

The SL-M18 features a double-detent shank which locks into the solid-style internal load chassis of the rapid-fit female (SL-FA or SL-FB) in an aluminum or steel frame. Upon the first click, the panel is supported, with a 4mm tolerance in any direction to find the correct panel position while the female takes the weight. The second click then locks the panel into position, secured with an 18kg pull out load per clip set, making the system ideal for heavy decorative panels.

Fastmount™ provides two female types with different framework compatibility. NB: Specific channel types will vary throughout regions, please see Fastmount Product Catalogue to determine suitability.


  • Strongest available mounting from Fastmount - 18kg pull out load
  • SL-FA has a T-lock function for rapid installation into the channel with screw or pop rivet into aluminium framework
  • SL-SFA offers simple screw fixing to any solid surface
  • SL-FB press-fits into 18mm standard galvanized steel framework
  • Allows 4mm of supported panel adjustment in any direction before locking into place
  • No special tools required for installation
  • Acoustic isolation between panel and frame
  • Reduces panel installation time for contract interiors


  • Removable interior panels
  • Commercial interior fit-out
  • Contract interiors
  • Mounting heavy ceiling and wall panels
  • Hotels, hospitals, retail
  • Residential fit-out

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