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Design Options for Metal Finishes | Morin Corp.
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Design Options for Metal Finishes | Morin Corp.

  • Use

    Metal wall and metal roof finish
  • Applications

    Residential, educational, corporate, commercial, cultural, industrial, metal walls, metal roofs, cladding, architectural panels
  • Characteristics

    Colors, mitered corners, curving, perforations

More about this product

Morin Corporation is specialized in roll forming of architectural heavier gauge single skin metal wall and metal roof systems. They manufacture over 100 profiles for any size of project. Alongside architectural panels, Morin Corporation offers a complete suite of metal wall and metal roof finishes which include perforations, corners, coordinated louvers and fasteners, and custom extrusions:

  • Colors
    #MorinCorp works with top coating firms to provide metal roof and metal wall architectural panels with durable surfaces and long warranty protection. They are able to provide standard colors and custom color matching in a seamless process.
  • Mitered Corners
    Morin provides miter-seam corners which use structurally bonded construction and are fabricated from the same materials as the adjacent architectural panels, ensuring a color match for colors, especially difficult Mica or Metallic colors. Using corners supplied alongside panels can save time and installation issues.
  • Curving
    Metal is a great material for curving, crimp curving, and stretch curving can be supplied at various radii depending on the panel’s profile. Curving panels offer an undulating or rippling effect which adds interest and dimension to a design.
  • Perforations
    Morin is constantly seeing new and creative uses for Perforations. Morin focuses on functional and creative applications for standard processes. One exciting new possibility exists with 3D Metal printing which has virtually unlimited potential for printing any pattern.

Design Options | Morin Corp.

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