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Sintered Stone - Mont Blanc | Neolith
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Sintered Stone - Mont Blanc | Neolith

  • Use

    Interior/exterior surfaces
  • Applications

    Countertops, flooring, cladding
  • Characteristics

    Hyper-realistic surface design, eco-friendly production, lightweight, temperature resistant, UV resistant, easy-clean, scratch resistant, durable, hygienic, natural, waterproof, recyclable
  • Format

    Slabs, tiles
  • Presentation / packaging

    Silk finish
  • Sizes

    SLABS (mm): 3200x1600, 3200x1500 TILES (mm): 3200x1500 | THICKNESS(mm): 6, 12
  • Guarantee

    10-year warranty
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More about this product

Neolith all-natural sintered stone is made by applying pressure and heat to raw materials to produce highly durable slabs and tiles. For 2019, Neolith has revealed new hyper-realistic surface designs.

The Mont Blanc is a homage to White Quartzite. It is the newest addition to Neolith’s Classtone collection. Durable with a sophisticated marble look, this slab is highly popular due to its alluring qualities and low maintenance characteristics.

The neutral tone of Mont Blanc draws inspiration from the pristine slopes and glamorous ski resorts of the French-Swiss Alps, combining a white background with subtle veining in deep black, oxide and ochre hues. The 100% natural slab has been made using a distinct technique where the inward relief of the stone corresponds with the veins, delivering an original texture that is pleasing to the touch.


Use Thickness
Countertops 12mm
Flooring/cladding 6mm

Eco-friendly Production

The slabs have been created utilizing a new eco-friendly production process called HYDRO Neolith Digital Design 2.0 (HYDRO-NDD 2.0), a water-based decoration technique that helps reduce contaminating emissions. The new process achieves exactly the same, high-quality patterns, but with a far lower carbon footprint.

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