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Sintered Stone - SIX-S Collection | Neolith
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Sintered Stone - SIX-S Collection | Neolith

  • Use

    Internal and external
  • Applications

    Kitchens, bathrooms, interior cladding, facades, furniture, accessories, floors
  • Characteristics

    Resistant to scratching, resistant to ice and freezing, resistant to UV rays, resistant to bending, waterproof, resistant to high temperatures, hygienic, light weight, suitable for high traffic, recyclable, easy to clean, 100% natural, produced in a carbon neutral environment
  • Format

    Panel, tile
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More about this product

SIX-S sintered stone surface from Neolith is so named for having six models and for its six unique attributes:

  1. Solidarity
    Born during a world health and economic crisis, the Six-S collection is inspired by the theme of solidarity, resilience, and bravery in the global society. A percentage of sales from Six-S will go to a Covid-19 related charity.
  2. Strong
    A combination of high-strength and ultra-resistance, make Neolith a material suitable for interior and exterior applications, remaining unchanged over time.
  3. Stylish
    Neolith slabs combine style and substance, influenced by evolving global design trends and tastes with hyper-realistic decor.
  4. Sensory
    The new Six-S collection has been specifically designed to provide a multi-sensory experience. This is thanks to the state-of-the-art technology and development of a unique range of special textures and finishes which creates tactile appeal.
  5. Sustainable
    Neolith is a 100% natural surface, and a “carbon neutral” company that continually invests in eco-friendly production technology, as well as other green innovations.
  6. Sanitary
    Good hygiene is a required essential to maintain physical well-being. Neolith offers an ultra-hygienic and easily disinfected surface.


Summer Dala | Neolith SIX-S Winter Dala | Neolith SIX-S Amazonico | Neolith SIX-S
Summer Dala Winter Dala Amazonico
Abu Dhabi White | Neolith SIX-S Layla | Neolith SIX-S Himalaya Christal | Neolith SIX-S
Abu Dhabi White Layla Himalaya Christal

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