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Concrete Facade - öko skin | Rieder Group
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Concrete Facade - öko skin | Rieder Group

  • Use

    Large and small scale facades and roofs
  • Applications

    Educational, residential, hotel, culture and corporate applications
  • Characteristics

    Slat wall panels made of glass-fiber reinforced concrete, flexible applications, durability, easy to install, non-combustible and sustainable, can be fastened visibly or concealed
  • Format

  • Colors

    23 colors, through-colored / 3 surfaces: ferro (sandblasted), ferro light (finely sandblasted) and matt (brushed).
  • Sizes

    Width: 70 - 302 mm | Height: 700 - 2500 mm | Thickness: 13 mm
  • Certification

    ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certifications / A1 “non-combustible” as per DIN 4102.
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More about this product

With öko skin, Rieder offers concrete facades in a slatted design. The various surfaces create a lively interplay of color. Thin-walled, slat-sized extruded concrete; these panels can be easily mounted and processed on-site. öko skin of Rieder requires no maintenance and individual elements can be replaced easily. Panels are available in a range of colors and a mixture of 3 textures per color.

öko skin can be used both as cladding for large-scale concrete facades as well as for small projects such as vestibules, gardens, terraces, garden shed, garages, fences, etc.

Colors and Surfaces

öko skin is through-colored including iron oxide and natural additives. The authentic colors of öko skin fit well in landscapes and blend with nature and the environment. Each palette includes three textures ferro, ferro light and matt which create a naturally varied and vivid surface. The play of colors within a certain color shade is intentional and enhances the character of concrete.

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Contact manufacturer

Rieder Group

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Contact manufacturer

Rieder Group

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