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  3. 20 Things Your Non-Architect Friends Secretly Think About You

20 Things Your Non-Architect Friends Secretly Think About You

20 Things Your Non-Architect Friends Secretly Think About You
20 Things Your Non-Architect Friends Secretly Think About You, © Ariana Zilliacus
© Ariana Zilliacus

Maybe it's a result of long studio hours, the fact that architectural thinking tends to seep into every aspect of life, or a combination of other factors—but it's certain that architects have a culture all their own. Weird obsessions feel so commonplace in our closed social circles that it's easy to forget how bizarre some of our little quirks can appear to people on the outside. If you're an architect with a friend whose architectural knowledge pretty much stops at the Franks (Gehry and Lloyd Wright), here are some secret thoughts about you that they might be harboring.

1. "You are an absolute hoarder for keeping those old issues of Architectural Record and Dwell for 'reference.'"

© Ariana Zilliacus
© Ariana Zilliacus

2. "You must be getting paid a ton for all those overtime hours."

3. "You’re lucky to have a job whose necessity will survive any economy."
(Oh, if only they knew...)

4. "Why is your Instagram filled only with buildings instead of beaches and food? Sad."

© Ariana Zilliacus
© Ariana Zilliacus

13. "You’re going to kill me if I ask about the difference between modern and contemporary again—but I can never keep them straight."

6. "You must secretly hate me—why else would you never be able to meet for drinks or dinner?"

7. "You’re going to die an early death. Between all the coffee, stress, and awful clients you can’t stop talking about, there’s no way you’re making it past 50."

8. "You’re ridiculous for owning a laser measure. How much did that thing cost again?"

9. "You are definitely exaggerating about how terrible your clients are. Really, can’t you just drop them?"

10. "Brutalist architecture is the stuff of nightmares, and you're a monster for enjoying it."

© Ariana Zilliacus
© Ariana Zilliacus

11. "You make the best tour guide. You always find something insightful to say about any building you come across."

12. "But you’re also awful to travel with. You stop and ogle at every other building and can’t seem to stop sharing just how much knowledge you have about each one."

13. "It's cool how you singlehandedly mastermind and build entire design projects."

© Ariana Zilliacus
© Ariana Zilliacus

14. "You’re spending way too many years in school."
(Your four-year degree friends think you’re crazy, but they should be grateful you’re learning how to design structures that don’t, you know, collapse in on themselves.)

15. "You’re the easiest person on my holiday gift list."
(A quick minimalist vase or a fresh architecture publication and you’re satisfied.)

16. "Why are you still single? Aren't architects supposed to be super dreamy?"
(Truth is, you just don't have any time for things like "relationships.")

© Ariana Zilliacus
© Ariana Zilliacus

17. "You’re the only voice that matters when it comes to praising my kid’s LEGO creations."

18. "If I ever want to build a house, I know who to call to design it."
(If you’re lucky, they might even be planning to pay you for your dream home services.)

19. "Your job is supposed to be like a mix between artist, engineer, and construction workerbut all you’ve actually done is become super pretentious about the use of the word 'design.'"

20. "You are seriously dedicated to your craft."

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© Ariana Zilliacus