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On Fogo Island at an altitude of 1800 meters, amidst the crater of the volcano, lies a village of about 1200 inhabitants which live on the fringes of legality, occupying State-owned land where agricultural activities are organized and carried out, as a means of subsistence, in one of Cape Verde’s poorest regions.  The status of a protected area of national interest, forced the zoning of farming, with obvious limitations to construction, and introduced rules against the free occupation of the town, generating collisions of interests with frequent clashes.  The outlines for the project, therefore, rise from the need to consolidate the identity of this protected region, providing a basis for the conciliation of the population with the new park management. Spaces for cultural and recreational interplay were thought of as a feasible solution, both for the people of Chã das Caldeiras, as well as for visitors.  View more View full description
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