Graham Foundation Announces 2013 Grants to Individuals

The Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts just announced its 2013 Grants to Individuals with over $500,000 being awarded to 60 projects. The grantees, who represent a diverse national and international community of architects, scholars, writers, artists, designers, curators, and others, were selected after a highly competitive application process from a pool of over 600 submissions. The awards, up to $15,000 each, will support publications, exhibitions, films, new media initiatives, public programs, and research that explore innovative and bold ideas in architecture and design. More information on the grantees after the break.


Alan B. Brock-Richmond
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
RT60: The Authenticity of Space through Sound
Focused on the notion of individual sonic identities within architecture, this research creates an audio catalog and archive of ”sonic fingerprints” (impulse-response measurements) of landmark twentieth-century buildings.

Larry Busbea
Tucson, AZ
The Responsive Environment: Aesthetics, Design, and Ecology in the 1970s
This project examines the impact of new conceptions of environment on architectural and artistic practice in North America around 1970.

Mario Carpo
New York, NY
ANY Reader, 1993-2000
This research will lead to a critical reader of the influential architecture magazine ANY (Architecture New York), published by Anyone Corporation between 1993 and 2000.

Sheila Crane
Charlottesville, VA
Inventing Informality
This project examines a series of formative attempts from the 1950s through the 1970s to document, describe, and theorize the spatial and architectural forms of accelerated urbanization in Europe and North Africa.

Romi Crawford
Chicago, IL
Leaning into the City: The Photographs of Bob Crawford, 1966-1976
This research, compilation, and interpretation of the archive of Chicago-based photographer Bob Crawford explores a type of bodily architecture depicted in his photographs and its role in the construction of a particularly urbanized racial identity.

Rosetta Sarah Elkin
Cambridge, MA
Cultivating Scale: Planting the Desert
This research explores the global challenge of combating the effects of desertification with extensive vegetal planting and raises awareness of how these projects transform the environment.

Michael J. Golec
Chicago, IL
Poster Work: Graphic Visualization, Collaboration, and the Rural Electrification Administration
This study looks at the work of graphic visualization in the form of posters for the R.E.A. and its formation of political, social, and mercantile alliances to reform the rural United States.

Brian Grogan
Richmond, VA
Memory and Mourning on the Western Front: A Photographic Study of World War I Cemeteries, Memorials, and Commemorative Landscapes
In commemoration of the centennial anniversary of the Great War, this photography project presents the unique aesthetic expression of the architectural and designed landscapes of mourning in France and Belgium.

Sean Hemmerle & William Watson
New York, NY
Brutal Legacy: Paul Rudolph's Orange County Government Center
Through photography and research, this project investigates the crisis facing Rudolph's Orange County Government Center by creating an information archive to elucidate the history, current condition, and potential future of this Brutalist masterwork.

Farhan Sirajul Karim
Lawrence, KS
Dreaming of a Nation: Architecture and Cold War Modernization in Postcolonial Pakistan, 1947-1971
This research studies the development of modern architecture in undivided Pakistan and offers a trans-intranational perspective of post-colonial modernism as being a Cold War construct of ideological transferences between local and global agencies.

Nancy Kwak
La Jolla, CA
Designing Development: Federal Low-Cost Housing Experiments on Native American Reservations, 1961-1989
Through an exploration of the history of low-cost housing schemes for Native peoples from 1961 to 1989, this research closely dissects experimental designs, materials selection, and overall community layout.

Ronald Rael
Oakland, CA
Recuerdos\Souvenirs: Memories of the U.S./Mexico Border Wall
This project documents a series of scenarios along the U.S.-Mexico border and, in doing so, examines the spatial and architectural consequences of this southern boundary of the United States.

Frances Richard
Oakland, CA
Physical Poetics: Gordon Matta-Clark and Language
This project investigates the experimental language-use by the artist and architect Gordon Matta-Clark (1943-1978), with special consideration of how verbal play inflects Matta-Clark's communitarian interventions in urban space.

Asif Siddiqi & Xenia Vytuleva
New York, NY
ZATO: Soviet Secret Cities of the Cold War
This project examines the phenomenon of recently declassified Soviet secret cities that were created for military and scientific work across the former Soviet Union under the auspices of the Cold War.

Phoebe Springstubb
New York, NY
Casino Capitalism: The American City's Stake in Luck
This research analyzes the architecture and management practices of emergent urban casinos to theorize the often overlooked intersections of architecture, political economy, and the city, here tempered by the casino's material entanglement with a belief in luck.

Anthony Titus
New York, NY
Twisted Siblings: Relationships between Contemporary Painting and Digital Architecture
Through interviews with leading contemporary practitioners and scholars, this project reveals historical relationships and parallel developments in the fields of architecture and painting.

Neyran Turan
Houston, TX
Whole-Worlds: Mathias Ungers in the United States, 1968-1976
This project elucidates German architect Mathias Ungers’s ideas of form and scale through his constant search for a new realism.

Nader Vossoughian
New York, NY
Ernst Neufert: The Language of Total War
This research toward a book publication investigates how architect Ernst Neufert’s bookBauentwurfslehrehelped create and implement the idea of standardization as a new “infrastructure of knowledge.”


Andrew Bryant & Shuo Wang
Beijing, China
This multi-faceted project seeks to reveal the most compelling realities of everyday life in the traditional urban fabric of Beijing—the Hutongs—through active dialogue, workshops, and exhibitions.

Edwin Chan & Piero Golia
Los Angeles, CA
Chalet Hollywood
Conceived by artist Piero Golia with architect Edwin Chan, Chalet Hollywood is a category-defying architectural commission at LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions) that aims to create a unique environment in which to host a year of diverse programming by visiting artists and architects.

Kalliopi Dimou, Sorin Istudor & Alina Serban
Bucharest, Romania
Enchanting Views: Romanian Black Sea Tourism Planning and Architecture of the 1960s and ‘70s
Seeking to understand the particular emergence of tourist architecture and urbanization on the Black Sea Coast in Romania during the 1960s and ‘70s, this exhibition reflects on leisure as an incubator for experimentation.

Eric A. Kahn & Russell N. Thomsen
Los Angeles, CA
Thinking the Future of Auschwitz
This project documents an architectural proposal to deal with the future of Auschwitz, and Nazi concentration camps in general, testing architecture’s agency in the twenty-first century while expanding dialogue on the conventions of catastrophe.

Elena Manferdini
Venice, CA
An indoor temporary pavilion, this installation explores novel painterly techniques applied to the field of architecture by reinterpreting the idea of “Still Nature” through its aesthetic properties and relationship to technology.

Bryony Roberts
Los Angeles, CA
Inverting Neutra: An Installation at the Neutra VDL Studio and Residences in Los Angeles
This site-specific  installation at the Neutra VDL Studio and Residence, designed by Richard Neutra, implements spatial inversion as a strategy for activating historic architecture.

Beto Shwafaty
São Paulo, Brazil
Foundations of the Design Substance: Cultural Metaphors to Design a New Future
This investigation of Olivetti's historical design and architectonic philosophies—in which products were assumed to be carriers of scientific, technical, and social progress—will produce a new multimedia installation to premiere at the 9th Mercosul Biennial in 2013.

Deborah Stratman
Chicago, IL
Subsurface Voids
Utilizing models, drawings, photography, video and text, this solo exhibition illuminates the geological formation, man-made induction, and psychological import of sinkholes.

Film/Video/New Media

Peter Bo Rappmund
Laguna Beach, CA
This experimental documentary film follows the 800-mile long Trans-Alaska Pipeline from one end to the other.

Gene Coleman
Collingswood, NJ
Sendai Transmissions
Based on the architecture of the Sendai Mediatheque designed by architect Toyo Ito, this film and music work includes a live, interdisciplinary performance that blurs the lines between architecture, music, and cinema.

Contemporary Culture Index: Javier Anguera Phipps
Somerville, MA
Taxonomical Times Expansion
This project expands the online index of rare architectural journals  and develops a mobile device interface for an open-access, multidisciplinary, and international bibliographical online database in order to facilitate research in architecture and urbanism and contribute new voices to architectural discourse.

Aslihan Demirtas
New York, NY
This digital resource of multimedia and research provokes a discussion of modernity's politics of nature through modern hydraulic engineering projects and landscapes focused on, but not limited to, dams in Turkey.

Samuel Wainwright Douglas
Austin, TX
Moving Mountains: Land Arts of the American West
This film follows an interdisciplinary field-study program at the University of New Mexico and Texas Tech University that blends arts, architecture, environmentalism, and the history of land use and human intervention in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas, and Utah.

LOVid:Tali Hinkis-Lapidus & Kyle Lapidus
New York, NY
An experimental smart-phone app, this project uses smart phones and GPS coordinates to provide site-specific sound, video, and text in public spaces.

Steve Rowell
Green Bay, WI
This experimental documentary film and mapping project surveys architectural representations and spatial relationships of institutionalized power and influence in American politics and industry, including political action committees, think tanks, lobbying firms, and advocacy groups.

Public Programs

Sam Chermayeff, Clara Meister & Johanna Meyer-Grohbreugge
Berlin, Germany
A Center for Optimism
Through an architectural intervention, this project creates a new forum for discourse outside of traditional institutional contexts.

Our Literal Speed:Abbey Dubin, Christopher Heuer & Matthew Jesse Jackson
Selma, AL; Princeton, NJ; Chicago, IL
7 March 1965
While the social transformations brought about by the Alabama sit-ins, boycotts, and marches between 1955 and 1965 mark a definitive chapter in American history, this project pursues—from a Selma storefront—an experiment in knowledge production centered on a broader investigation of the underlying "experiential architecture” of the Civil Rights Movement.


Pierre Bélanger
Cambridge, MA
Landscape of Defense: Military Geographies and Altitudes of Urbanization
As an inventory of the United States military footprint across the world, this publication, in the combined format of a geospatial case study and geographic atlas, seeks to visually depict the sites, networks, and geographies of the emerging global military-logistical complex.

Karla Britton & Pierluigi Serraino
New Haven, CT; Alameda, CA
Focus on Modernism: The Architectural Photography of Robert Damora
Working from archival sources, this book is the first comprehensive presentation and documentation of the work of the architectural photographer Robert Damora (1912-2009), one of the leading figures who promoted the dissemination of twentieth-century modernism in America through photography.

Katherine Bussard
Princeton, NJ
Unfamiliar Streets: Photographs by Richard Avedon, Charles Moore, Martha Rosler, and Philip-Lorca diCorcia
Approaching street photography as an effort to represent the complex, often collective, and sometimes fraught experiences of city streets, this book yields a different and intrepidly social mode of historical analysis.

Luis M. Castañeda
Syracuse, NY
The Exhibitionist State: Image Economies of the Mexican "Miracle"
This book positions the political use of design and architecture by Mexico's single-party state within an unstable mid-twentieth-century global context of international relations and architectural exchanges.

Robert Dawson
San Francisco, CA
Public Library: An American Commons
This eighteen-year, nationwide photographic survey explores the role of the public library in contemporary American culture.

Nicholas de Monchaux
Berkeley, CA
Current Location: Critical and Literal Devices for Twenty-First-Century Cities
This project is both a prehistory of the conceptual use of digital maps by designers and artists and a set of design proposals for underutilized public land in American cities that demonstrates the important new architectural possibilities of place-based data.

Cambridge, MA
Flights of Imagination: Powered Aviation and the Art and Science of Landscape Design and Planning
This book presents a history of moments during the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries when professionals of the built environment developed an epistemology based upon aerial vision and realized the opportunities that powered aviation offered them in shaping the land.

Kim Förster
Zurich, Switzerland
The Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies, New York, 1967-1985: Networks of Cultural Production
This first comprehensive history of the institute examines the organization as a research center, school of architecture, cultural institution, and publishing house and considers its important role as a non-academic network of knowledge that has had a lasting impact on architectural discourse and education in North America.

Beate Geissler & Oliver Sann
Chicago, IL
Volatile Smile
This book gives insight into the mutual impact of real and cybernetic architecture by exploring Chicago’s architecture and financial world in relation to the global economy.

David Gissen
Oakland, CA
Manhattan Atmospheres: Architecture, the Interior Environment, and Urban Crisis
This book examines how a series of interior architectural environments, built in New York City from the mid-1960s to mid-1980s, were imagined to respond to various urban crises and to facilitate a future vision for the city.

Margaret M. Grubiak
Villanova, PA
White Elephants on Campus: The Decline of Religious Architecture in the American University, 1920-1960
The declining role of religion in the mission of America’s modern university is explored in this first in-depth study of religious architecture on campuses.

Peter Hanappe, Bruno Latour & Armin Linke
Paris, France; Berlin, Germany
Archivalia: Archive Manifestations of Performative Spaces
This multi-volume publication, which serves as both documentation and as an autonomous research tool, develops new approaches to visual archives and spatial concepts.

Alison Hirsch
Long Island City, NY
City Choreographer: Lawrence Halprin and Public Performance in Urban Renewal America
This project critically interprets the participatory design process landscape architect Lawrence Halprin deployed in the 1960s and 1970s to mitigate the alienating effects of urban renewal and proposes how aspects of this process have the potential to enrich contemporary approaches to structuring the city.

Bradley Horn
New York, NY
Architecture from Anything: Contemporary Strategies of Design Pedagogy
This book explores the trans-disciplinary nature of contemporary architectural education through a critical survey of avant-garde approaches to teaching design.

Florian Idenburg & David Van der Leer
New York, NY
A practicing architect and a curator search for definitions of intuition through interviews with a broad range of professionals, generating insights on how to better understand and employ intuition in the design field.

Irena Knezevic
Chicago, IL
Victory of Literary School X
Modeled as an anthology of artistic research, this book explores the political implications of imagination and revolutionary thought and it formulates a practice in architectural activism.

Christoph A. Kumpusch
New York, NY
Detail Kultur: If Buildings had DNA: Case Studies of Mutations
This encyclopedia of architectural details includes a matrix of case studies, scaled drawings, interviews, and analytical texts that emphasize the fundamental importance of detail in contemporary research and practice.

Jimenez Lai
Chicago, IL
Manifestos, Summits, and Gangs
This project produces a series of monographic manifestos featuring young, daring, and relatively unestablished architects; revisits the very idea of “paper architecture”; and explores the cycle of manifestos, summits, and gangs in the ongoing history of architecture.

Casey Mack
New York, NY
Digested Metabolism: Artificial Land in Japan, 1954-2202
In twelve stories, this book focuses on how Le Corbusier's dream of reconciling the freestanding house with vertical urban density has been translated into reality by Japanese architects to solve both social and environmental problems.

Susan Morgan
Los Angeles, CA
Esther McCoy: A Modern Life
This book constitutes the first biography of one of the foremost architectural writers of the 20thcentury, Esther McCoy, whosework articulated the concepts and vibrant character of West Coast architecture and witnessed the birth of mid-century design.

Mohsen Mostafavi
Cambridge, MA
Nicholas Hawksmoor: London Churches
Through contemporary photography, new drawings, historical maps, and text, this monograph reevaluates Hawksmoor's churches in eighteenth-century London, whose radical design fused fantasy and reality.

Ciro Najle & Lluis Ortega
Buenos Aires, Argentina; Chicago, IL
Suprarural Architecture: Atlas of Rural Protocols of the American Midwest and the Argentinean Pampas
This project develops an atlas of two parallel regions, the Argentinean Pampas and the American Midwest, understanding both as coherent pieces of territorial-scale architecture yet to be unleashed.

Christopher Rawlins
New York, NY
Fire Island Modernist: Horace Gifford and the Architecture of Seduction
Blending the literary imperatives of an architectural monograph and a cultural history, this book ponders a fascinating era through an overlooked architect whose life, work, and colorful clientele trace the operatic arc of a lost generation.

David Reinfurt & Robert Wiesenberger
New York, NY
Messages & Means: Muriel Cooper at MIT, 1954-1994
Accompanying the first major exhibition of Muriel Cooper's pioneering work in print and digital media, held on the 20th anniversary of her death, this publication interweaves archival materials with interpretive essays to form a durable historical artifact, a much-needed site for critical discourse on design, and a manifesto and source book for future production.

Claire Zimmerman
Ann Arbor, MI
Photographic Modern Architecture
Using the development and diaspora of German modernist architecture, this book looks closely at photography as it altered architectural practice in the middle half of the twentieth century (1925-1975)

The submission deadline for the first stage of the two-stage application process is September 15, 2013. For more information on the Grants, please visit here.

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