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Courtesy Ital design & Arco projekt

Architects Ital design & Arco projekt recently won second prize with their competition entry for the Ulcinj Montenegro Hotel. Additional images and lengthy description of their project follows after the jump.


Courtesy Ital design & Arco projekt

Our basic conceptual and inspirational starting points for creative exploration and synthesis of the complex design space hotel tourist industry, are based on:

-on respect and values of unique natural area in which intervention is expected and future construction, where as most valuable to emphasize salience Cape Ratislava – Suka in the waters of the sea, and dramatic terrain configuration and its unique “architecture” of limestone cliffs, with specific combinations of colors and textures …

-The recognition of outstanding natural characteristic and wind-shaped mass of greenery, with rare valuable items, with the imperative to preserve, protect and promote natural “materials” with new enrichment, improving careful interventions…

-To protect, respect and promote the unique combinations of natural elements of the Mediterranean landscape, as well as the synthesis of dramatic topography, tectonic geometry slightly inclined layers of limestone massifs in a collision with the cliff that plunges to the sea surface, wondrous shades of color, greenish and bluish to dark of blue gamma, sharp and tiny bay that can end in several places the caves …

-To identify and value the inclusion of large urban environment of Ulcinj, as the eminently prestigious Mediterranean town with a very specific urban Structure launched on the unique terrain in the middle of the central urban area, with traditional respect for the right to view, and the excellent synthesis of the rich greenery and architectural volumetry

-And finally, perhaps the most significant and values, and also one of the biggest potential sites intended for the design of the future hotel complex, which is the spatial position of the Cape as the epicentral part of the town of Ulcinj, which appears important element of a focal point , centered on the cape of the old town is almost symmetrical to the main compositional axis of Ulcinj. Surface of this small but grandiose spatial composition, prepared by nature itself, forming a narrow gorge, between the bay and Meterize and Pinješ, which dramatically lowers the center of the straight bays and small beaches.

Courtesy Ital design & Arco projekt

So two of the cape, the symmetrical historical and geographical doublets, which bears a striking resemblance to the grand bay of Naples, but in a small, in miniature and therefore rare picturesque that it ranks among the most amazing natural phenomena all over the Mediterranean … tremendous value from this natural ‘duo ”Old Town Cape and Cape Ratislava, we can conclude the most significant potential of our site, which was given to us as a big commitment and a great pleasure working – in thought and design task, in thought and design task, and the task is to make this competition must be expected that the spatial and organizational solutions to the complex of the former hotel “Jadran” must rise to the level of universally recognized values and stainless humanized urban environment, which after its final furnishing power to “stand” against or near the Old Town, such as standing for centuries that makes him a unique ensemble of unique natural, historical, cultural and man-made values, and that will be developed in this and future times among the most important brands of the town of Ulcinj, Montenegro and this part of the Adriatic, but also the wider Mediterranean region.


Courtesy Ital design & Arco projekt

The site Ratislava is rich in natural resources, but, due to its particular natural configuration, it is also burdened with certain restrictions and conditionalities. The current trends in the complex, relations, communications and processes in direct contact zones have been identified and incorporated into our solution, and are an inseparable part of its operation.

The main program units that are projected by this solution, such as hotel facilities and groups of villas are located and organized in accordance with the above mentioned regulation and leveling elements. Given regulatory elements were used as the basis for the formation of macro-formal composition of the structural content. Therefore, elliptical oval moves develop  an characteristic  “pedestal” on which grow in spatial structure, the group forms a strong concept, the architectural heritage and traditions of the region area. These visual brush strokes of the “pedestal” suggest the form of vessels and ocean waves.

Leveling space is done in accordance with the conditions (respect for the borders of urban land, building regulation, and others conditions), as well as our concept of spatial organization of the complex and facilities. Ground elevation at the entrance of the hotel is 30.00m, and access to the complex plateau villa is at a level of 24.00m. Pedestrian and car promenade Lungomare is drawn around the perimeter of the site, for the most part along the lines of urban land borders, changing elevations. In the hotel zone of open media yet, at level -2 the public pedestrian promenade is at a level of 20.15m, 1m below the plateau of open pool of content. Visual additional protection is provided for the tenets of the Mediterranean maquis and similar vegetation.

Transport and communications between the site and surrounding area of contact is stimulated in our work by introducing a range of new content and action ….. Environmental improvement of contact zones, strengthening relationships and communication between the hotel complex  and the contact zones …

Courtesy Ital design & Arco projekt

Traffic access to the site and facilities and handling facilities rely on the urban traffic network, and its extension. Vehicles access to the main entrance to the hotel through a circular highway and “awnings.” Approach enabled the Marquis hotel and buses, but no longer holds. Access to technology and energy contents of the hotel (court yard) was achieved with a central circular road, with parking lots that are accessed villa (on a same level) and the entrance to the garage (on two levels with lift-truck garage). For a group of villas is planned 10 parking spaces, in the hotel garage was achieved 48 parking spaces. Operation of complex utility and service vehicles will be carried out through a circular promenade – seaside promenade, which is provided with sufficient profile and reinforced base.

Access to the site of small vessels is provided by the extended and deepened the existing part of the marina, as well as over new harbors, and longer on tracks, tunnels and elevators. We also suggest the formation of the helipad on the roof of the hotel building, as a desirable form of comfort for the high class tourist facilities.

The backbone of pedestrian movement through the complex’s perimeter pedestrian promenade “lungo mare”. Its oval geometry in an external part of the cape allows pedestrians and visitors exceptional views of panoramic sightseeing: the little beach and the old town, the unique urban structure of Meterize, then the open sea and the calming and ubiquitous horizon, as the cliffs and numerous bays to the south towards the Great beach. The seaside promenade, as the backbone, “hanging” and branch out from there all the secondary links, where they form a unique system of pedestrian communication (down to the hotel and public beach, to do with the villa complex, and VIP beaches, landing on the beach restaurant and beach pools etc..).

Courtesy Ital design & Arco projekt

The connection of new content harbors, and its functions (cafes, galleries, crafts, services) to the hotel and tourist complex is achieved projected panoramic elevator and a bridge to access the plateau. Since the access plateau continues walking promenade – a fountain, which is a unique form of physical planning, such synthesis of hiking trails, aquatic lire, ozelenjenih arrangement and lighting. This is a pedestrian promenade along the route provided access to the historic parade herding hotel “Jadran”, with tree-lined avenues.

Yard has a long historical and spatial continuity, spatial accelerator as a traditional Mediterranean and the Orient, as the meeting point, but the climate and atmosphere of the place, with the enrichment of water and greenery, and our solutions with an open “display” to the sea and the horizon, which is the stabilizer of the whole spatial composition and support physical sensation. At the same time, internal atriums affirmation in our case takes the role of regulator selection and positioning of views, the open sea, the old city, and “joint” that coordinates development impressions and grading for vertical movement and spatial depth “layers”. Great place open window looked into the blue sea, but simultaneously alive and changeable stage intended for all kinds of spectacles – concerts, fashion shows, promotions, award recognition, cultural events, business presentations, etc.. Significant natural features of the potentials were used to communicate the current system continues to develop and enrich the new content and experiences. The existing “use” of space was improved by introducing new initial point – the initials and epicenters of events, patterns of attraction and orientation programs, activities and experience, and continuity of movement and distribution of content in the area. The basis of improvement, and developed a set of creative design methods of provoking a dialogue of the existing and potential, hotels and public in the field of dynamic programs and functions. Incentives for additions and variations in the relationship of these factors results in a continuous control of the engineering balance between different categories of users, as well as the desired direction of the development in space and time.

Site Plan


Plan w/ Render

Traditional architectural measures and dimensions of the region, or a better appreciation for its quality and scope, the concentration of the Mediterranean spirit of building “materials” and sympathy for the charm of urban settlement structure of the Mediterranean are all inspirational energy that we have formed in our shaping solutions . One of the most valuable physical provocations which is often seen in Mediterranean environments of the village is just a constant dialogue between public and private. Our solution to this issue was reflected in a number of variations and examine the relationship of “public and private” accommodation and a common, stationary and dynamic, open and closed, controlled and spontaneous …

Organization of content results in a volumetric interpretation, and creative play leads to the contours of the spatial composition of the complex, which comes in a position to be seen and disputed considering from all angles and position of the urban agglomerations of Ulcinj, that he was exposed, protruding, naked, and hence our view that the major facilities, such as accommodation facilities, however (and in the villas and hotels) are positioned on the pedestal of public and joint programs. Here we suggest a specific solution and a delicate interpretation of tradition and context, building tradition and regional context.

Inspirational historical, fascination with the regional tradition, respect for the spatial dimensions and spatial dimensions of the volume effect which house facilities and people, the sensitivity of these users and their diversity, the diversity of their lifestyles, needs and preferences, as guests, visitors, tourists to “temporary housing” , then the variability and unpredictability of their moods and feelings, variety and variability in the use of the “use” of space, these are all themes that we were in the process of organizing and shaping since we dealt with the sole desire to suggest the richness and variety of spaces and environments, their variability and adaptability, demanding, and questioning the desired or appropriate relations and the right balance between fixed and variable elements, permanent and flexible “factor” in order to reach the space to be able to respond to the challenges just mentioned topics … to offer fixed and variable frames for optimal realization of individual customer preferences.

Plan w/ Renders

From striving for a minimalist use of materials in order to achieve the constituent elements of art and visual unity of form in space, and the harmony of the architectural treatment of various programs and types, there is also a creative dialogue with traditionally applied and implemented elements of the facade to facade … salons and blinds . The interpretation of which we have chosen and its variations have received their starting point and one of the “momentum” in the creation of decorative backgrounds that are represented in the decorative and utilitarian production of this region. Associativity of the light elements of protection is also intriguing, and its use and flexibility, these elements create a living cell, and never the same picture, sophisticated graphic aspect of the changing facades, especially the creation of the joint work of its users.

Architectural volumetry of the old town, as a system and information base of traditional and historical forms created in space and on the other hand extremely expressive ‘architecture’ cliffs as high-work phenomenon of nature, were the two strongest motives, or the two most powerful inspirational energy in our process of design space and architecture … without the slightest desire to imitate nature, or to flirt with her, or to mimic the historic urban forms … that were really creative nut on which the crosses and checked intersects spatial solutions, roughly and then formed the ambiance that we wanted … all in order to reach areas that will have the quality to provoke and produce in people an incentive, or offer the opportunity, inspiration, involvement, or for relaxation, or readiness for creative action.

Plan w/ Renders

In terms of materialization, for hotels and villas, also by the idea of the context-oriented interpretations, traditions, architectural styles of the old builders. But equally, if not more, inspiration and incentives are required to create a dramatic atmosphere in which objects will be placed. Stone cliffs, which has carved a sea with waves and the wind blows, its geometry at which the ranges systematized, and the tonality of the local limestone with the winds and the often turbulent and wavy surface of the sea, they were to be a provocation for the true artists … hence the search for a balance of almost contradictory geometric shapes, sharp and rounded, oval and dramatic … the composites and “tightening” volumes and forms, until its relaxed …. Almost like a mirroring image of collision of nature and creation wonderfully dramatic and that creates a perfect fit and that gives us life.

Can you understand the nature of the creator, its phenomenon, its development and its masterpieces … can the power of the creative process reach the level of form and space that will give off a sense of naturalness and ease, or more, reach a space that will offer the opportunity that people in them feels natural and relaxed, or even to staying in these areas is being driven by the good thoughts, feelings and beautiful – right down to anything specific satisfaction and simultaneously something magnificent.


How can creators show and prove that they understand the nature, its power and her energy, her creativity and her work, if not only desire that she be at least a little closer, hoping perfect.


Sections w/ Renders

The hotel facilities are organized vertically and horizontally. Functional groups are divided on the “bottom” of the public or controlled public programs, and the “top” accommodation, with all types’ structure, size and possibility to use.

Level ground floor contains two entries, with a discrete denivelation, and adequate facilities. At this level, the restaurant also offers Mediterranean specialty and traditional taverns. Central sensations inner courtyard with a large screen open to the sea, but who is the appropriate minimum time of year can be transformed into a cozy winter garden space. The centerpiece of the courtyard – the atrium is open and spatially related to the level staircase -1.

Level -1 contains technology areas, the main kitchen, the main hotel restaurant with a terrace and a small center-glazed atrium, improved water and greenery, with a part of glazing, and controlled for direct visual communication with the level of -2.

Level -2 contains a wellness and fitness center, pool rooms, pool bar and night club – disco, with separate external entrance. Indoor pools are easy and flexible partitions glazed facade open to the exterior terrace and green areas, as well as to the outdoor pool with a series of sensations for all categories of users. With pools of open spaces and beaches can be easy and comfortable to descend to the regulated area with the appropriate beach furniture and offers, beach restaurant, elevator and other equipment. With the amount of space on this level garage is located on two levels operated and in which, given the category of hotels, managed and manipulated by hotel staff.

+1 Level is designed for business and cultural events, conferences, promotions, and contains, among other things, the business club, VIP club, and the hall of different applications and varying purposes, and piano bar. The central area around the hotel lobby two (ground +1) and the elevated mini halls, organized around a vertical open gallery space, open to the atrium of the hotel and illuminated. In addition to the main entrance for hotel guests, there is also the entrance for employees, visitors and the casino nightclub, with a separate vertical communication and adequate control. The night club can also come from outside the entrance to the seaside promenade, as well as garage space. The entrance to hotel employees in the field of technology is at -1, but on the opposite side of the economic approach.

Above the Mezzanine Level there are accommodations, a variety of structures, in accordance with the program, the different categories, which we give below.

The development of space and spatial organization of vertically – symbolizes the excrescence of the lowest levels of the Cape Ratislava, the emergence from the sea, over the cliffs, to the upper plateau and content … and vice versa – the descent, cascading from the open public spaces, supported by adequate facilities arranged through a series of levels to the cliffs and beach programs, to lead …

This spatial organization, communication and participation in activities in the programs, given his interpretation of space and architecture, the materialization and equipment, which is also pursued. The basis is the desire to offer guests and visitors maximum comfort and versatility and richness of content.

Casino is located on two levels (a three-level accommodation) … connected to the internal staircase, open gallery space. Casino can be accessed with specific vertical and separate external entrance. It is also possible discrete approach or departure from the underground garage.

At the top of the hotel is located panorama coffee for guests with a platform that rotates a full circle for delivery time, so that visitors can enjoy watching all the sensations which the ambient rich in Ulcinj. Cafe panorama over the proposed helipad, is a program that offers maximum comfort and maximum efficiency. In villa complexes, the organization has achieved the levels of five levels. Movement through the complex is offered at the central axis of the directional vistas of the sea, but focused on leading visitors cascading levels. The second path is external, the communication capabilities of both oval curved side, with continuous, but dynamic views of the sea and open spaces. Longitudinal communication are linked to a number of passages, so we have a traditional Mediterranean forms of space and shapes in space, with a pleasant ambiance and pleasant shady strujnjem air.


Modern methodology familiar process of making energy efficiency strategies for buildings and complexes. Strategies are made on the basis of existing regulations, the reference value and an appropriate means of assessment. As input data elements are used geometry, size and tread, the choice of the basic installation and availability of the building, which is based on the results obtained for the base building.

In the next step we are passive elements and measures of energy efficiency, as part of those passive elements in the house as well as the results of the application of passive elements and energy efficiency measures. Then the work load profiles.

The last phase of work involves dealing with technologies with low or zero carbon content. This includes analysis of the applicability of large wind generators and small wind generators roof, the applicability of ground-water heat pumps for heating and cooling, the applicability of the cooling system using sea water, the applicability of photo-voltage panel built-in glass, the applicability of solar collectors for hot water systems and applicability co generation.

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