Leaning House / PRAUD

© Kyungsub Shin

Architects: PRAUD
Location: 중평저수지, Maryeong-myeon,
Architects In Charge: Dongwoo Yim, Rafael Luna
Area: 127.0 sqm
Photographs: Kyungsub Shin

Day Care Village Competition Entry / PRAUD

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Providing services to 80 residents with developmental intellectual disabilities, the Day Care Village proposal by PRAUD sits on a site on the north-west side of . The city provides facilities and community services to 700 people with developmental intellectual disabilities of various levels, and the project is part of their aim to support and assist those in need. Hence, the project must not only address the demand of day care center but also suggest a typology for day care center so that it can influence future development of service facilities in . More images and architects’ description after the break.

Periscopio House / PRAUD

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Architects: PRAUD
Location: Boulevard Costa del Sol,
Year: 2012
Photographs: Courtesy of PRAUD

Helsinki Central Library Competition Entry / PRAUD

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PRAUD shared with us their concept proposal, titled ‘The Heart of the Metropolis’ for the Central Library competition. With the intent for a building that serves a larger civic function by creating a space for congregation at an urban scale, their library design aims at becoming a ‘Living Room’ for the city. The result is a true metropolitan building that not only creates a dialogue with the city, but one within the architectural language, making it timeless and essential for . More images and architects’ description after the break.

Daegu Gosan Public Library Competition Entry / PRAUD

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With the role of the library changing in recent years, a library functions as more of a community center with less concern in collection space. In their proposal for the Gosan Public Library, PRAUD‘s concept focuses on creating flexible and generous space in user oriented space, and on housing collection space into certain area. Basically, collection spaces are located in between two major cores, that are also major structural supports of the building. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Social Community Center / PRAUD

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Designed by PRAUD, the idea behind their proposal for the Social Community Center is to create a space for various groups of the society; youth, women, family, handicap, and children. Instead of trying to put those groups into a single box, they emphasize the individuality of them. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Urban Intervention Finalist Presentations

In-Closure / via Urban Interventions Design Competition

Urban Intervention challenged designers to conceive a fresh vision of environmental, social and economic opportunities on and beyond a nine-acre site at the heart of Center. 107 multidisciplinary teams from 24 countries entered designs. Each proposal harnessed ’s history of innovation and civic engagement to inspire the next generation of great public spaces. Now, the three remaining finalists will present their ideas in a free, public lecture this Friday, May 11.

Continue after the break to learn more about the lecture and the top three proposals.

Urban Intervention: Public Space Competition Proposal / PRAUD

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The public space proposal for the Urban Intervention competition creates a new way of creating a dialog between the park and the city. Designed by PRAUD, each solid and void creates its own topography, and thus the topography of the solid provides different experiences for pedestrians and joggers, while topography of the voids provide different types of functions and landscape fields. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Emerging New York Architects Competition Proposal / PRAUD


The Emerging Architects Competition proposal, ‘The Greenhouse Transformer’, which received an honorable mention, is a typology for urban farming with the purpose of creating environments for learning year round within the community of West Harlem. PRAUD‘s main goal is to integrate life cycle components of food production into a building that is also a catalyst for activity in the area and allows visitors to engage in the program in a more efficient way. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Hotel Liesma Proposal / PRAUD

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The main concept of the proposal for the Hotel Liesma by PRAUD is to elevate the new hotel mass from the ground level. There are two major purposes of this approach; to have a widely open public park on the ground level and to provide better views to the Baltic sea from hotel rooms. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Busan Opera House Proposal / PRAUD

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Designed by PRAUD, the concept for the Opera House starts from how multiple performance facilities can share a common program. One way is to share public spaces such as foyers and the other is to share the theatre function itself. They found out an interesting potential of the theatre that when one performance facility shares its theatre function with other facilities, various types of performance stages could be created by the transformation of stage and chamber facilities. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Competition Entry for Extension of Serlachius Museum Gösta / PRAUD


PRAUD recently shared with us their entry for the Extension of Serlachius Museum Gösta competition. The site has a strong advantage of having very fabulous landscape view towards lake as well as forest. Hence, the big idea in massing is to create view points towards those scenarios and it becomes an architectural logic of the form of the building. The first step they took was creating courtyard, just as typical museum typologies, as a void so that the museum has its vertical relationship to sky and outdoor exhibition space as well. Because of the massive surface they needed to deal with, they folded the mass into half so that it can be more efficient and compact building per se.

South Korean Prime Minister’s Office + Residence / PRAUD


Boston based architecture firm, PRAUD, has shared with us a recent competition entry of theirs for the South Korean Prime Minister’s Office and Residence in , S. Korea. Follow after the jump for additional images and a concept description from the architects.

West End Museum / PRAUD

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based research and design firm, PRAUD, shared with us the West End Museum which is a community-based museum in Boston dedicated to documenting the history of the West End of Boston. The museum especially captures the immigrant era which dates approximately from 1880 to the West Ends destruction by eminent domain in 1958. More images and architects’ description after the break.