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Nikolay Polissky Creates Towering, Handcrafted Structures Across Russia

08:00 - 12 July, 2015
Nikolay Polissky Creates Towering, Handcrafted Structures Across Russia, Beaubourg (2013). Image © Ilya Ivanov
Beaubourg (2013). Image © Ilya Ivanov

Born in 1957 in Moscow, artist Nikolay Polissky creates impressive, handcrafted structures in the middle of Russia's vast landscapes. Mostly carried out in the town of Nikola Lenivets -- located 200 km from the Russian capital --  his works are built entirely by the area's residents, using local materials, such as branches, trunks and wooden tables. Traditional construction techniques are used as a starting point for the projects. 

His work is inspiring not only because of its imposing form, but also because he managed to re-activate a semi-abandoned village through art and architecture, involving residents in the creative process and transforming the region into a sort of open cultural center. Since 2003, his work has been part of Archstoyanie, the largest Land-Art festival in Russia.

Gates of Perm (2011). Image © Tima Radya Hyperboloid / Volcano (2009). Image Courtesy of Nikolay Polissky Lighthouse (2004). Image Courtesy of Nikolay Polissky Media tower (2002). Image Courtesy of Nikolay Polissky +39

Step Inside This Brain-Like Pavilion for an Eerie Architectural Light Show

00:00 - 17 August, 2014

Have you ever wondered what a thought might look like traveling through your brain? In a recent installation in Moscow's Nikola-Lenivets park, media design firm Radugadesign animated the inner workings of the human brain with an innovative video projection. Universal Mind, a sculptural installation by artist Nikolay Polisskyserves as the immobile backdrop for the elaborate video mapping project. Over the course of nearly eight minutes, Polissky's brain-like sculpture explodes into a maelstrom of light and sound, with carefully curated streams of energetic colour interspersed with dark scenes of manufactured glimmering starlight.


01:00 - 5 April, 2014
© BERNASKONI / Yuri Palmin
  • Architects

  • Location

    Nikola-Lenivets, Kaluga Oblast, Russia
  • Project Team

    Boris Bernaskoni, Alexander Schamenkov, Stas Subbotin, Ksenia Trofimova
  • Contractor

    Alexey Kleymenichev, Srub fm
  • Area

    72.0 sqm
  • Project Year

  • Photographs